Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Morning Randomness

Goodmorning friends!!!

We're having a lazy morning over here...
which in my opinion are the best kind of Saturday mornings!

I stayed up until 12:30 last night doing my Saturday chores.
I dont know why I don't do that more often.
It's such a treat to wake up to a clean house and your chores already done!

The big two are watching a Dora DVD we rented from the library.
It has 8 different episodes on it.
And I plan on letting them watch every. single. one. this morning.
Cause that's how I roll on Saturday mornings. Yep.
Would you believe that we don't have cable?
And would you believe that we don't even get a single tv station where we live?
We live in the middle of the woods... zero reception out here.
So... if anything important is going on in the world I have absolutely no clue.
Unless it's on twitter or the yahoo main page.
We like to pretend we're pioneers over here :)
Or the Waltons.
Same thing.

Cade is already down for his morning nap.
And I am still in my gigantic fluffy pink robe with my gigantic cup of coffee (as shown earlier in the week;) ).

Life is good!

My mom gave me this book a couple years ago.
I thought I had read it.
But pretty sure I hadn't.
I picked it up this week and it has been such an encouragement to me!
It was written in 1949 and is FULL of encouragement for mothers.
I encourage you to find yourself a copy!
This week was a long week.
We're nearing the end of football season which always feels like the end of a marathon.
We're hanging in there but so ready to be done!
I don't know how single moms do it.
My hats off to them... I have the utmost respect!
I only have to endure about five months of doing it alone...with an end in sight.
Kind of puts it all into perspective that it's not that bad.

This football season has been hard... a big losing season.
No playoffs this year for us.
Which stinks.
But it's life.
And it's not over yet so the goal now is to finish strong and with a cheerful attitude:)

Anyways... I read this little excerpt this pastweek.
It had been a long day with fussy kids...
the house was a mess...
I was feeling overwhelmed...
 and then I read this :)

"Giving seems to be the very essence of motherhood.
So many calls in the night,
so many demands in the day,
so little time for oneself,
and so much to give.
There is One who gave and who gives more than any mother.
And how many mothers need that which He has to give-

For those times of weariness
 there is the gentleness of the Lord and the knowledge of His loving kindness. 
For the sense of inadequacy, there is His sufficiency,
 and for the joy of being a mother there is the delight of sharing it all with Him."


There is a wonderful park in the neighborhood that we live in.
We usually load up in the car to get there since it's a longer walk than I care to take with three kiddos.
The park has been such a blessing this fall!

The weather this past week was divine.....

This is my usual stash of goodies I take to the park...
Dr. Pepper

While the kids play I work on making to-do lists, Christmas lists, menu plans, budgeting, etc.
This is seriously my idea of a GREAT time :)
Give me a new notebook and a new pen and I am on cloud nine!

My little side-kick... never far from my side :)
I adore him!!!

On this particular day somebody peed their pants.
And somebody else got stung by a bee.
But we hung in there and stayed at the park for two hours.
Pee pants and bee stings can't keep us from having a good time ;)


About four more episodes of Dora left.
Which means just enough time for me to hop in the shower!
Have a great weekend friends!
What are your plans?!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. I too am a list person. I make lists daily. Christmas is so much closer than any of us realize I think. This year our budget is smaller since I'm on staff at the church (pay cut from the law firm) so planning is a must.

    Today - Had to go to LP early and set out coffee for a breakfast. I came home and two precious faces peeped around the corner saying good morning. I snuck them into the livingroom and let Shand sleep. While they had breakfast I did my few Saturdy morning chores. Last load of laundry is on now. PTL :) Then, off to the park we go for a picnic lunch and play time. Harry Myers most likely. I work from 4-8:30 so I try to take advantage of every minute. I go to service & life group from 6-8:15, but if the phone goes off I am up and back downstairs. Still nice to work & be fed in the same space of time. The kids are in class during this time too. Dinners are always quick & easy on Saturdays too since we get home so late. Enjoy your weekend. Hang in is almost done. This was a long comment. Oops!

  2. What a lovely Saturday morning! :) It must be so beautiful where you live. :) Your kids are so sweet

  3. I've been reading your blog for a little while now... and you just seem like such a great momma! Always love reading your lovely posts :)
    Happy Saturday!

  4. You live in the woods? I'm kind of really jealous. Have you posted about it before? I'd love to see pictures! :) Ive had a lazy Saturday too. I slept in for a loooong time...

  5. What a lovely morning! I loved everything about your post, especially that treasure of a book - that is awesome! Your time at the park sounds heavenly :) I usually spend most of our time making sure my middle child doesn't make a break for it (which he attempts about 26 times every time we go).

  6. That does sound like a perfect day!!!!! And Pioneers...awesome!!!! Sometimes I wish w didn't have tv, it takes over our lives some times.

  7. sounds like a fun Saturday Morning!

  8. Your day at the park sounds fantastic. I'm like you, give me a DP and a new planner, and I am the happiest girl alive.