Sunday, October 23, 2011


This little girl CRACKS. ME. UP!
I can't get enough of her and her funny faces:)

Her favorite thing to do is wink at someone and give them a thumbs up at the same time.
She winked and gave a thumbs up to her 80 year old choir teacher in church this morning.
And her choir teacher did it right back.
Hilarious and sweet all at the same time!


My to-do list is made for the new week.
A few of the fun ones...

*Finalize the Holiday Craft Fair.
If you have a shop are you part of it!??!

*Make a two-week menu plan

*Work on a few Christmas gifts!
My goal is to be FINISHED with Christmas shopping
and presents by December 1st. 

Do you have any fun to-do's on your list this week!?!


  1. adorable!!

    love your blog. happy new week to you! xo

  2. ashley, that is one precious face. i have a boy who LOVES a good thumbs up with a wink. oh man, it's a crack up. good for you and your planning - you inspire me! :)

  3. Oh my goodness she is too cute! Love these pics!! :)

  4. She is absolutely adorable! :)

  5. Thank you for coming to my blog and your sweet words. I appreciate it so much! :) Your little one is darling. Oh my. I love your list for the week. Mine might involve pumpkin cupcakes in a jar. We'll see. xoxo

  6. she is too cute!!!
    i always say i am going to be done with christmas by dec. 1. i never quite make it. good luck to you.

  7. she is so cute! ummmmm I have a craft fair in 12 days ... and I don't have anything made....yikes!

  8. best-faces-ever! too funny. Such a cutie pie!

  9. So adorable! Funny faces always make a bad day better. Found your blog through Heather's Life Made Lovely Monday and I'm now following. I look forward to reading!

  10. Love her faces! Too cute! My to-do list is way too long to post here! :)