Saturday, October 29, 2011

5 Years

It's almost 10 and the kids and I are all in our pj's still!
Travis has already headed back to work for the day....
Ready for him to get home so we can celebrate our 5 year anniversary with some mexican food tonight!

Fun Wedding Facts
*We were engaged for four months
*During those four months I lived in Missouri and Travis lived in Texas
*During those four months I didn't have a job... so my job was to plan our wedding!
*I made the majority of "stuff" for the wedding....
*I made all the invitations out of cardstock...they were printed off on the computer
and handstamped with a leaf stamp. 
*The bouquets were made out of Dollar Tree flowers and toilet paper tubes.  The toilet paper tubes were wrapped in ribbon and decorated with a row of antique brads.  I think we spent around $20 on all the bouquets. True story:) And the bouquets were GORGEOUS!
*For the wedding we were married in a church.  For decorations we used old barn doors as a backdrop.
They were taken off of a barn the day before the wedding...and put back up on the barn following the wedding:)
*We also decorated around the barn doors with HUGE potted mums.
After the wedding the mums were transported to the reception site for decor there.
*Our reception was held at a state park.  It was GORGEOUS!
The leaves were at the peak of their colors changing!
*Our wedding was at 2 and ended at 3.  The reception didn't start until 5.
This gave our guests time to run home and change into casual clothes.
And also time for us to take pictures without feeling rushed.
*We catered in a delicious warm meal for everyone.
*Neither Travis or I care for cake. So we decided to have pumpkin pie and a cream puff tower!
*I made the cream puff tower the morning of the wedding. 
*There was a playground nearby for all the kids to play on while the adults visited and ate.
I LOVED my wedding and reception!!!
Every time the leaves change and I see mums it reminds me of our special day :)

My wedding cd with all of my professional pictures is packed away...
But I pulled these ones off of facebook for a little peek :)

*everyone was getting ready to jump for a picture* :)


I can't believe it's already been FIVE years!
Alot has happened in those five years.
We were talking about all the changes the other night...
Three babies have joined us...
Three different houses...
Four different cars...
Three different churches...
One big move...
One job change...

It's been an awesome five years with my best friend:)
I love living life with him... Can't imagine life without him!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend!!!
I love you Travis :)

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  1. Happy anniversary doll! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day.... cant believe you made the bouquets yourself, so impressive!

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  3. Great pictures!

  4. Your wedding dress is beautiful!! I love how you take pics every anniversary. Great idea! Happy Anniversary!

  5. You are beyond creative and awesome...what a great wedding that must have been! I hope you two have a wonderful 5th anniversary!! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary my dear! I hope you have a great day with your adorable little family!! :)

  7. holy moly! you really did have a lot of changes in your first 5 years. :) i love your outfit in the "third anniversary" picture.


  8. Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I just celebrated our 5 yr last month! It is amazing the things that can happen in 5 years!! i hope you enjoy your evening out tonight!!

  9. You look like a little disney princess! Uber cute.

    Wish you posted a pic with the barn doors. Would have loved to have seen that. New follower here from follower fest.

  10. Congrats!!! I can't believe how great your flowers look, you seriously rock!!!! Beautiful dress too!!!!!!! Have a fab night eating Mexican food, yummy!!

  11. Wow, you guys are so stinkin cue. I love every anniversay picture...and your wedding dress was so beautiful! Happy 5 years, congrats :)

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  13. happy anniversary! I would love to hear more about the changes during your first 5yrs. The homes, cars and kids' that strange? Have a wonderful evening with your honey. :-)

  14. Happy Anniversary! LOVE that you guys celebrate each other! Such an adorable couple.

  15. Happy Anniversary! I loved hearing about your special day. You are such a special couple.

  16. I heart this blog! Beautiful!

  17. Happy Anniversary! :D The fact you made the cream puff tower the morning of your wedding makes you a legend!! I love that you basically did it all yourself!! Nice work :D

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  20. awww happy anniversary sweetie!! enjoy! :D

  21. You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! I love your insides and you are cute to boot :)

  22. love your dress! & planning a wedding really is a job ;)! Happy anniversary!!!