Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Pop In!

Just a quick pop in!
My family is visiting from Missouri!
I am in heaven:)

Half of the group is taking naps right now
and the other half went to drive around for a bit.

We went to the football game last night.
It was a disappointing loss.
But we had a great time in the stands enjoying each others company!

The weather was perfect.
Just a tad bit chilly!
My mom knit Cade a special "football" hat.
It was so cozy and warm it made him fall asleep within ten minutes :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend friends!
Off to make some chocolate chip cookies with my sister!

Colt loves being tickled by his Pawpaw :)


  1. He is so adorable! :) I love that hat he has on.

  2. Love it! Sooo happy for you to have this time with your family! :)