Friday, September 30, 2011


The kids are all tucked into bed and Travis should be home any minute from football scouting.
This week has been long.
A good long.
Just long and somewhat overwhelming in the "getting everything done" department.
Life can be hectic and messy at times. 
And when I say messy... I mean my house was messy :) wow.
I've been coming back time and again to this verse

1 Corinthians 14:33
"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace."
I've also been thinking alot about ministering to others.
It's easy for me to get caught up in thinking about places we can serve outside our home.
I would love to someday work at a pregnancy support center...
I would love to volunteer with the youth group at church...
I would love to visit the nursing home more and minister to the elderly...
I would love to help the lower income families in our area...

The list could go on and on.
I found myself thinking about it often.

It hit me today.
I've known this next little tidbit all along... I had just forgotten.

My ministry is MY HOME.
My husband.
My kids.

Before I can serve anywhere else I need to make sure that my home is taken care of.
Folding laundry and doing dishes a ministry and blessing to my husband and kids?
You bet!
I know that Travis really appreciates a clean home.
It really doesn't take a minute.
I teach piano lessons once a week and on those days I make sure that my home is relatively spotless.
For other people.
Which is fine.
But I was hit with the guilt of "why am I not trying my hardest to keep the house clean and organized for my best friend and babies?"
And obviously it's not always going to be clean.
Little people are messy :) It's just a fact of life!
What I do know is I haven't given it my very best effort.
Instead I've been burning time reading...blogging...who knows what...
My effort was more along the lines of "if I get to it" :) ha which never works!
I want to be a blessing to my husband.'s the deal :)
I might be blogging less... we'll see!
But I've made myself a mental deal that I will only blog if my chores are done, babies in bed and husband either gone, in bed or busy!
I'm going to be spending more time ministering to those I love most.
Playing games with the kids...
Chatting with Trav on the couch (instead of being on the computer!)...
Keeping the house tidy...
Cooking up delicious food...
Spending time cozying up our home for the fall...

I want our home to be a safe and cozy place for my family.
A place where they can relax.
I want to bless them with clean sheets and blankets in their beds...
With yummy smells coming from the oven...
With fun crafts to do...

So... with that said.
I'm taking the weekend off from blogging.
Travis has the whole weekend off and I plan on spending every minute with him!
So excited!
I'll be back Monday... ha that is if my household duties are completed ;)
Have a wonderful weekend friends!!!

*they spotted a roly poly and were trying to dig him out of the bark :) *

*I know I'm his mom and am partial.. but he is SO yummy!!! I could just eat this face!!!*


  1. Wow, exactly. the. same. thing. I've been thing and praying about. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Life just goes by so fast! Your so right we should take"better" care of our homes for our families...are family is a ministry! I have a little rule of my own.... I made. I am not "aloud" to blog, read, or do anything else unless things are cleaned up and orderly! I love your weekend off idea! I am a tad bit I love cleaning! Thankyou for sharing this, I know I need to be a better "minister" to my little boy and husband!

  3. I love this quote especially:
    "My ministry is MY HOME.
    My husband.
    My kids."
    Amen and Amen. I couldn't agree more. I think when we stand before God he's FIRST going to ask us how we loved our families rather than how many thousands of people we reached out to. Both are important, but right now God told me my priority to to raise my son to be a man after his own heart and empower my husband to do the same.

  4. Great job of focusing on the right priorities. When moms of young ones are overwhelmed with life (as a friend of mine recently was) it is often due to the fact that they are so busy "doing" things that they aren't taking the necessary time "being" with their husband and children.

    Hope your weekend is BLESSED.


  5. beautiful beautiful post :) I loved this! thank you for sharing.