Monday, September 19, 2011

Bird Costume Tutorial

My kids love to play dress up!
The only problem is the majority of the dress-up clothes that we own are princess dresses or tutus.
This is great for my daughter but it leaves my boys with a limited selection!
They love to pretend they're birds so I came up with this EASY
 outfit for both of them using what I had at home.
There was no sewing involved and it took me MAYBE 15 minutes to make each bird costume (30 minutes total).  The fun part is you can make these as simple or as elaborate as you want!

These would be a great birthday present or even Christmas gift for a little one you know!

Hooded Sweatshirt- I just used old hoodies that we had around the house. Zip up hoodies would be ideal!
Fabric for Wings- Any color and around a yard
Orange fabric for beak
Hot glue gun & glue
Fabric Interfacing
(optional but suggested!)

This step only applies if you have a hoodie that doesn't have a zipper up the front.
I wanted my kids bird costumes to be easy for them to slip on and off by themselves.

I simply cut a slit from the bottom to the top.
I also cut out the zipper at the top of this particular hoodie.

Cut your yard of wing fabric in half.
Lay your hoodie on the table face down.
You will be working with the back.
What I was doing in the picture below is making sure my half of the fabric was long enough.
Lay it down and make sure it covers from the middle of the neck to the wrist.
You might need to trim it down a bit. 

Now hot glue your two wing pieces together down the middle seam.
JUST down the center.
You're basically gluing back together what you had previously cut.
The reason I had cut it in half is because I thought it looked more like two wings.
Look at the picture below....

Now you will hot glue the top of the wings down to your hoodie.
Make sure the center of the two wings is lined up with the center of the back of the neck.
I just did a straight line of glue from one wrist to the other.
I didn't glue anything else down.
I wanted the wings to be fluttery when they ran!

Now get out your scissors and trim the bottom of your wings.
I just made a little arch on mine.
This is the part where you could get really fancy and creative!
I was just in a hurry to make the costumes :)
What would be cute is to make individual fabric feathers and have the kids help glue them on.
Or even to buy some colored feathers from the store to glue on!
Perhaps color it with markers, put glitter on it, etc.

Your wings are now done!
Lay the hood of your sweatshirt flat on the table.

At the very top cut a slit along the seam.
My slit was around two inches long.

Take a piece of your fabric and cut it into a large triangle. 
My triangle was roughly a foot long.

Fold the triangle of fabric in half.

Then fold it in half once more.

Cut a smaller triangle that is similar in size to your folded triangle.

Hot glue the smaller triangle to the larger triangle as shown below.

Fold the glued triangles in half.
Then poke them through the slit of the hood that you just cut.
The thicker folded triangle should be facing the front.

Once you have the top of the triangles poking through the hole, flip over the hood so you're looking at the inside.
I simply opened up the bottoms of the triangles and glue them to the hood.
Thus, securing your little triangle feathers on the top.
It looks kind of messy on the inside...but not a big deal because it will be hidden by your child's head!

Cut two yellow triangles for the beak.

I wanted my beak to be a little bit stiffer so I hot glued a piece of interfacing between both yellow triangles.

Open up the hood so you're facing the inside top.

Hot glue your beak to the underneath part of the hood.
This shows how fast this project is... I still hadn't finished my morning cup of coffee! :)

Flip it over and voila you're done!!!



  1. praying ;) how cute is this tutorial!? p.s. laundry in my never ends!!!!

  2. Praying and totally going to make this costume.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Sooo stinkin cute! Reminds me of the movie Where The Wild Things Are :)

  4. Oh my gosh! Cutest little birds I have ever seen!

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  6. SO SO cute!

    I have a fun rosette giveaway going on right now that I would love for you to enter!

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