Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Week Menu Plan and Thrifting Treasures

Okay! As promised here is my Two Week Menu Plan!
I made the menu plan and grocery list yesterday.
Then the babies and I headed out bright and early this morning
to do a little thrift store and grocery shopping in the town over!
More on the thrift store here in a minute :)

Alright. So a quick overview of my next two weeks. 
I don't have to cook on Wednesday or Friday nights.
Wednesday is dinner at church.
And Friday we either grab something before or at the game.

I have also listed what we will be eating for breakfasts and lunches.
Usually though for lunches we eat alot of leftovers (blah..hate leftovers...but thankfully kids love them!).

I had the hardest time thinking up dinner ideas this time around.
So, obviously when you're in a rut for new recipes just head over to The Pioneer Woman:)
Problem solved!

Blueberry Muffins (Trying a new recipe!!! Thanks Laura!)
Oatmeal with fruit
Scrambled Eggs with toast
Frozen Waffles
Cinnamon Rolls (we have the canned version every Sunday morning)

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Grilled Cheese with soup
Leftovers from dinner the night before
Macaroni and Cheese
Cheese quesadillas

All of these I serve with either fruit, veggies w/ ranch dip, yogurt or crackers.
My favorite type of lunch is to buy myself a good loaf of sourdough, provolone and ham. 
Then I make my own tasty sandwiches once the kids are down for a nap... with a Dr. Pepper of course ;)
Oh and some salt and vinegar potato chips... Delish!


Tuesday- Crockpot Angel Chicken (recipe below)
Wednesday- CHURCH
Thursday- Tortilla Soup
Saturday- Homemade Pizza
*I grew up with my mom always making homemade pizza every Saturday night.
I LOVE this tradition!*
Sunday- Dr. Pepper Pork Sandwiches served with coleslaw

Monday- Pork Tacos/Nachos(using leftover pork from sandwiches)
Thursday- Hashbrown Skillet (recipe below)
Saturday-Homemade Pizza
Sunday- Breakfast for Supper! French Toast and Bacon

I realize it's not quite two weeks worth of groceries. 
But I am going to try to start getting groceries on Mondays so
that's why I ended my two weeks on a Sunday!

Crockpot Angel Chicken
(One of my friends posted this on her facebook page... so excited to try it!
Thanks Ashley!)

6 boneless chicken breasts
1/2 Cup Butter
1 package dry italian seasoning mix
1 can golden mushroom soup
1/2 Cup white wine
4 ounc package of onion and chive cream cheese
Angel hair pasta (cook according to box directions)

1. Place chicken in crock pot.
2. In sauce pan melt butter. Stir in Italian salad dressing mix, soup, cream cheese & wine. Pour over chicken.
3. Cook on low for 4-5 hours. Pour over cooked angel hair pasta.


Hashbrown Skillet
This is definitely not a fancy meal.
I tend to just use what I have on hand.

Green and Red Peppers-diced fine
Onions-diced fine
Ground Breakfast Sausage.

Brown your sausage.
Then add your hashbrowns, peppers, onions and a few teaspoons of butter.
Cook in your skillet until your hashbrowns turn golden!

Nothing fancy but it's easy and filling!


Now on to the really great stuff!
My sweet friend told me about a thrift store that I had to try.
This place is like NO OTHER!!!
It was FULL of treasures! I should have taken a picture inside.
They had anything and everything stacked everywhere!
And the prices were fabulous too!!!

So here's what I found while I was there.
I could have stayed for quite awhile longer but I knew I needed to keep it short and sweet for the babies since we still had our groceries to buy.
Anyways...what I found...

I'm pretty sure this dry erase board was used in a school.
Ignore the layer of filth over it... I took the pic as soon as I pulled it out of the car.
It is HUGE.  And heavy!
I'm hoping to hang it in my kitchen... wouldn't this be great to keep a family organized?!
It was marked at $15 and I got it for $7.

I bought five of these turquoise melamine plates for $5. 
Love the color!

I have been looking for a globe for quite awhile!
This one was marked at $15 and I got it for $5.


Off to do a few chores while the babes are sleeping!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. okay can i come to your house for the next two weeks ... it all sounds D-lish!

  2. How does church on Wednesday's at your church work? My husband and father in law are the pastors at our church and I would love to start something like that!

  3. Thanks for sharing your meal plan!! I hope one day I can be that organized!!

  4. LOVE your finds! You could even craft a cute frame for that white board - so CUTE! :)

  5. Wow! Great finds at the thrift store. Love the plates and the globe.

    We will definitely try the Angel Chicken in the crockpot. Sounds totally yummy.