Monday, July 18, 2011


And the winners are.... Using random number picker...

1. Minnie/Mickey Mouse Onesie- Natalie
2. The Viola Headband- Kaitlin
3. Inspiration Board- Christiejayne
4. Abbi Bag- Angie
5. Cowboys Bow- Monica Greene Bradford

I had so much fun with the giveaway yesterday!!! Thankyou for all the birthday wishes:)
If you were a winner could you please e-mail me within 24 hours so I can send your info along to the ladies who gave the fabulous products?! And if you didn't win the good news is everything that was given away is available to buy! Just scroll down through the giveaways to find the shops.

I seriously had one of the best birthdays that I can remember. Would you believe me if I told you I spent it doing laundry and grocery shopping?:) after living in a camper and being away from home for over a week and a half it felt SO good to be at home! Trav, the kids and my sister took me out for dinner at my new favorite Mexican restaurant:) life is good! Yay for being 27!!!

Have a great Tuesday friends!!!


  1. Yippee!!! Thank you so much for being born! :)

  2. yeah! thanks for giving out gifts for your own birthday!!! : )