Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacay Round Two

I just couldn't help myself with a Round Two of vacation pics!
So bear with me:)

Cade is kind of a mama's boy.  He won't stop crying for ANYONE but me.
At least I thought it was that way until his Uncle Justin held him :)
Justin is my older brother... the one who is exactly one year older to the day!
Cade absolutely LOVES his Uncle Justin!
He could be screaming his head off and the instant Justin picks him up and talks, Cade immediately stops crying and starts smiling and cooing.

The big two had their first s'more!
Emma said she thought they were "soooo delicious"!

Mid-week we headed out to a local restaurant for dinner!
(Angie, Nichole and Ashley...recognize where this is at? ;) )
It felt nice to get cleaned up and to eat in air-conditioning!

Emma and my cousin Kinsey!
My uncle and aunt adopted Kinsey this past year.
She is an absolute doll and the sweetest little girl!

My mom with my nephew Jake.
Our one attempt at a family picture!

One afternoon we headed to the local marina for icecream!


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Have a good Sunday!!!


  1. yeah I do! I went there earlier this year for breakfast, hasn't changed at all.

  2. :) My home sweet home for the past 9 years! I can't believe I have been in BoMo for that long! I love it though.