Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let the season begin!!!

Um...yeah... So I didnt really intend to take such a long blogging break! Actually, I didn't intend to take a break at all! :) We've been working and playing up a storm before football season begins tomorrow.
I've found that the way our family works best is to just pretend I'm a single mother during football season:) I don't depend on Travis to help me with the kids or around the house. Because the majority of the time he's either working or exhausted from practice. Just having this mentality makes the season fun and doable! I'm not irritated because he's not home in time to bath the kids or to take out the trash (etc) and he can focus on giving 100 percent at work and come home to rest. We are so excited for football in our new town! It will definitely be a change playing in such a small town:) I've been working on shirts and hats for us to wear to the game. If you are needing anything like this for your games e-mail me and I'd be more than happy to make you one! I can also customize the shirts for other things besides football;)

The boys both had well-child dr. appointments this week. Both take after their dad in height and are way off the charts! I am so thankful for healthy babes. It's so easy to take the well-child appointments for granted. We are blessed.
Ignore the red marks on Cade's chest... That's just where Colt had been pinching him:)

Colt is having an identity crisis:)
He LOVES to pretend to be a baby and suck on Cade's pacifier.
But he also has started saying,"I'm hungry like a MAN!" or "I'm thirsty like a man!"
So some days he's a baby.. And some days a man... And some days just a silly two year old:)

I finally unpacked the last moving box yesterday! It only took three months:)
I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon organizing my fabric and craft supplies. Talk about out of control!!! I found all sorts of great fabrics I had forgotten about! It was almost like Christmas:)

My sweet babies before church this morning.

I love Emma's dress so much that I stuffed a pillow form into it.:) I figure if I cut it she couldnt wear it anymore. So through the week it's a pillow and on Sunday it's a dress ha!

Have you ever read any books by Janette Oke? She's my favorite author! I just discovered that there is a movie series out based on her books. Our library has them. They're slightly on the cheesy side but a good clean watch!

Alright. I'm off of here for now. Everyone else is taking their Sunday afternoon naps so I think I'll join them! I'll be back tomorrow with a great dessert recipe!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Hey Ashley! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog, and am so glad I found it! Your a great wife and momma! Very inspirational! Thanks again! Have a blessed Sunday afternoon!
    Megan Powers @ A Blossoming Homestead
    (formerly Megan Jasper, my husband Skyler and I both went to SBU with you and Travis!:)

  2. Here's hoping its a great football season!

  3. I need to foster that same mentality about Football season so I can enjoy it rather than dread it. I look forward to hearing what the season brings for you guys in a new town. Btw...I met a friend of yours (Emily) at a Ranger game...such a small world.

  4. God's deepest peace and blessings on you, Ashley, as you embrace another football season. May His presence be very real to you in the months to come. Hugs, Christan

  5. I miss you so much that I just want to cry!!! I need your upbeat attitude in my life more :) Don't you just LOVE matching the boys?!?! Jared thinks its the coolest thing ever when Russell has on the same outfit as him :) So cute. I can/can't believe how big Cade is, COME SEE ME SOON! Love and miss yall! Give Trav and the babies hugs from me please!