Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Giveaway Day!!!

I'm so excited for today! 
It's my birthday!!!
I'm 27 this year and SUPER excited about being a year older!
Excited to see what this year will hold for our family!

26 was a fabulous year. 
We moved and had a baby!

Here's a fun little timeline of the past couple of years.

22- In May graduated College and in October married Travis
23- Had Emma Kate on January 23
24-Had Colt on July 23
25- A "no baby" year :)
26- Had Cade on March 23 and moved to a new town!

Fun Birthday Fact: All three of my babies have 23rd birthdays and it wasn't planned that way!
Another Fun Birthday Fact: My brother and I have the same birthday! Exactly one year apart!HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN :)


So here's the deal.
I have FIVE wonderful giveaways for you guys today!
Every single thing I'm giving away is something that I would love to win myself or for my sweet Emma:)

Make sure that you're a follower of the blog to enter the giveaways!
Here are the giveaways below!

1. Minnie/Mickey Mouse Onesie from Sewn With Love
2. The Viola Headband from Mila Rose Designs
3. Birthday or Photoshoot Inspiration Board from Bringing Up Burns
4. Abbi Bag in Splash Blue from Grace Filled
5. Dallas Cowboys Bow from The Bow Girl Boutique


So scroll on down and enter away my friends!!!
Happy Monday!

The winners will be announced TOMORROW the 19th!


  1. Happy Birthday to you and your brother!!
    Hope it is a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!

  3. Happy Birthday! Finally just became a follower of your blog! I've been keeping up with your blog the past couple of months but was holding off on following it thinking one of these days i'll start a blog of my own :) I really enjoy all your different posts! We have alot in common a hairdresser sis that keeps us up on all the new styles,stay@home mamas (i have a 5yr old boy and @yr old girlie)and a fellow sister in Christ :)Hope to when the abbi bag cuz thats my little girls name! thanks, Beth Anne

  4. Happy birthday Ashley! Hope it's a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday beautiful momma! I hope you have an amazing birthday!! I am jealous you are 2 years younger than me!

  6. The number 23 is very popular with me too! We were married April 23rd, our first daughter (Erin from Grace Filled)was born June 23rd and Our second daughter Amy was born December 23rd!
    Very cool! Enjoy your blog!
    Karen :-)