Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Randomness

I feel like most of the posts I've been writing lately are full of randomness. Bare with me. ;)
In no specific order... Let the thoughts begin!

-I made the sourdough bread today. Three days of "feeding" it twice a day, 14 hours of letting it rise, 30 minutes of kneeding, all equaled a so-so loaf of bread. SO not worth the time! Save yourself four days and buy it from the store. I now have a new respect for a loaf of sourdough bread!

- Today turned into a baking day. In addition to the bread I made a batch of No Bake Cookies for our dessert. They totally made up for the disappointment of the bread. Is it bad that I feel like they're not SO bad for you since they have oatmeal in them?! :)

- My hair. It's falling out by the handfuls. It has happened after each baby was born. I lose ALOT of it. My hair isn't thick to begin with so I ended up with the thinnest ponytail you've ever seen. I'd say it's around five strands. After two months of falling out it grows back and sticks out in short sticky outty tufts all over. I slightly resemble a lion growing his mane. Not even kidding. Good thing this sweet little little lardo is WELL worth it!!!

- Speaking of pregnancy. I sometimes catch myself standing like I'm still pregnant out of habit. Belly out, hands on my back. Anyone else have to "retrain" their posture to before you were preggo? Standing straight, belly in :)

- I have two spaces in my house that are officially "put together". Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with how slow the rest of the house is taking I will go and stand in front of the finished areas:) Here they are. Both are in my dining room/entry way.

- One last bit of randomness. I have a jar of straws in my kitchen. Is it silly that it's one of my favorite things in my home? :) I find it so cheerful!

Time to head off of here. No bake cookie date with Trav on the couch! Nighty night and happy Wednesday!

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  1. I enjoy your randomness! : ) I just had to say that I have a collage wall with 2 silhouettes and one empty frame too. I tried to do Brock's silhouette a few months ago and quickly realized that baby silhouette=cave man. It was hilarious! Also, I love those no bake cookies and yes, oatmeal does make them healthy!