Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sort of back!

Hi!! Ok.... I'm sort of back in the blogging world. We still don't have our Internet set up yet, but to make up for that fact my sweet husband got me an iPhone. Ummm hello, how did I not realize how fun they are?!? And handy! For those of you with a smart phone what are some of your favorite apps?
Also, does anyone know how to go about putting pics from my iPhone onto a blog post? I have no idea.
I'll be back tomorrow with some new fun things! Have a great afternoon friends!


  1. I am SURE there is a more techy way, but when I take pics on my phone, I send them to myself as an email attachment. I then just pop it in my blog post.

  2. LOVE my iPhone!!! Favorite Apps: Twitter, Flixster, Redbox, The Weather Channel, ESV Bible, Skype, Kindle, MapQuest, Urbanspoon, 8mm, Cuptakes, Pandora, Shazam, Word with Friends, Skee-Ball, ESPN, Fox News, Nike Training, Nike+ GPS, VoicePlus. Most of these are FREE, too!

  3. You will love your iPhone! My favorite apps: Adoration, Bible, IHOP Prayer Room (live audio), Instagram, Facebook, so many more!

    I usually just email the iphone pics to myself then upload them to my computer!

    have fun!

  4. Cozi Family Calendar...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!