Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emma's new friend

This morning I was nursing Cade on the couch and catching up on some blog reading at the same time. I opened one of my favorite blogs up to discover that she had posted a vlog (video blog). As I was pushing play Emma came over and asked to hold the phone while we watched the video. The blog is Gussy Sews. if you haven't checked her out you must do so. It's awesome!
Anyways, during the whole video Emma thought Gussy was just addressing her. At the end of the video Gussy said to let her know if you had any questions or things you might want to talk about. Emma still thought she was talking to her. She asked if she could write Gussy a letter. And thus began the penpal exchange between Emma and Gussy :). Gussy was so sweet to play along with Emma!
She posted a link on her blog as well about their penpal day...

If you're in need of a sweet bag or clutch head over to Gussy Sews. Not only is she talented but also incredibly kind and sweet.
Thanks for making Emma's day so fun and exciting Gussy!!!

-at one point she made play-do cookies for Gussy. She asked to mail them but I told her a picture was probably a better idea:)-

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  1. Maggie is a dear friend of mine! I am so happy to know she and Emma are buds too. I saw Emma on her blog the other day and I soon as I saw this picture I made the connection :)