Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Week

Where to even begin!?!  This past week and a half has been crazy.  To be honest until I looked at my phone a minute ago I had no idea what day of the week it was. 
Rewind back to last week.

As most of you know we're traveling back and forth between our old town and new town (about an hour and half between) until the end of school.  Trav is working part of the week in the old town and part of the week in the new town.  Still following? :)
Our home in the new town is by a beautiful lake... WAY out in the middle of nowhere. 
So far out that I actually get zero cell service.  Which means we need to switch providers. And have I mentioned that it's been a struggle trying to find someone who provides internet service out there? Yes.  No bueno.  There still is hope though... I have a few more people to call. 
So anyways, the kids and I were at the new house with no form of communication to the outside world for almost four days.  Wow.  Talk about playing Little House on the Prairie! 
The first two days were kind of exciting and I was able to be quite productive in unpacking and decorating the house.  Then on days three and four I began to feel lonely with a capital L.  So...needless to say... we are going to do our best to get everything switched over and hooked up before we head back to the new town this weekend. :)

Now.  On to the rest of the week. 
On Saturday Trav's dad came to stay with us overnight for a visit (his mom was out of town visiting Trav's sister).  We spent the afternoon fishing and the evening grilling and visiting.
Everyone headed to bed around 10.  Kids and us downstairs...Trav's dad upstairs.
At about 3 in the morning Hank wakes us up saying he's having terrible chest pain.
Trav immediately helps him in the car and they head to the ER.

Long story short: He was having a heart attack. Scary stuff.
Later in the morning they transported him to a larger hospital about an hour away.
After all of the tests were done it was discovered there was blockage in a minor artery.

Thankfully the dr.s feel confident that medicine can take care of the problem.
It is amazing to look back at it all now and see how God was protecting Hank.
From the fact that he was at our house (he would have been home alone if he stayed in our old town) to the fact that medicine can hopefully fix the problem.
Our family stayed in a hotel in the town for two nights while he was in the hospital.
While Trav was at the hospital visiting with his dad the kids and I played back at the hotel.
Talk about feeling like a traveling gypsy. My poor kids have slept in more places the past few weeks than they ever have in their entire lives it feels like.
I am so thankful that they're such hardy sleepers! They will sleep anywhere as long as it's by each other :)

One of the positive things about last week and being unable to contact anyone was that
I had lots of time to think and pray.
Some of the things that were front and foremost on my mind was what I want our families ministry to look like this next year.  For those that don't know Travis is a highschool football coach.  I am excited to see how we can shine the Light of Christ to our new town and to kids that he is working with.  More on that later.
I also thought about what I want my blog to look like and where I want to go with it. More on that later as well.
AND I had plenty of time to daydream about starting up my sewing again. More on that later :)
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. So glad Hank was with you guys, Ashley! God provided for him, for sure.

  2. please start sewing again!!!!! and know, i adore you!!!!! love friend!! xoxo

  3. What town did you move to Ashley?

  4. I love LOVE that last picture! Even though you always know God is with you & watching...its still Amazing to see him at work!

    (I grew up in the same town with Taren & graduated with Dustin...So I we've never met before!)

  5. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you all.