Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's naptime over here. 
Emma and Cade are sleeping.
Colt is laying in his bed singing.... he's been singing non-stop for an hour. :)
Love his sweet little voice and his mixed up songs.
He's currently singing parts of "Jesus loves me" with "Pop goes the weasel". 
Makes for a great song :)

I should be working like a mad-woman packing boxes while they're all napping.
But instead I'm indulging in a Dr. Pepper
(yes...I'm drinking them again...tisk tisk I know) and reading a few blogs. 
I was also looking through pictures on my computer.
I came across this one from last week of Colt.
I went in to check on him during naptime and found him with
 a partially eaten string cheese clutched to his belly.
That had been his snack that morning.
 I guess he had tucked it in a safe place to pull out during naptime :)

Alrighty... enough procrastinating.
My goal is to see how many boxes I can pack in thirty minutes.
I do better when I give myself time limits.
Anyone with me on that? :)

Have a great whatever day it is... Tuesday?
What are you up to today....


  1. yay! new follower here, LOVE U!!! XOXO

  2. thanks for coming over, and for following! :) Im following you now too! umm i dont envy you...yall are moving this weekend?! ahh! i have three weeks left but I know im gonna procrastinate too and wait till the last minute. ugh. but PS your new house looks AHHmazing!! where are yall headed? if youre in Dallas like me (we are in Dallas, Dallas! :) ) then I know itll be a big (but hopefully good) change. We are headed to Norman Oklahoma. Cant wait to read more from you - your fam is gorgeous!!!

  3. He is sooo sweet! Great way to procrastinate! found you through Casey's blog. Good luck with the packing ;)