Monday, May 16, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Good Monday Morning!!!

*Well, everything was pretty much moved to the new house on Saturday!  We have one small load left to bring and then we'll be finished with the moving part.  Our little blue cottage still needs a thorough cleaning to get it ready for our new renter.  And at the new house there is lots of unpacking to do.  I'm so excited to get settled into our new place and get back into a routine.

*Routine.... turns out my little people THRIVE on routine.  We've been going back and forth between the new town and the old town (living with Trav's parents) for the past two weeks.  And will do so for the rest of May until Travis is finished up with his teaching/coaching job here.  Emma has been doing awesome.  But poor Colt has been SO incredibly fussy and clingy!  I hate all the change for him :( BUT once we're all settled in it's going to be a great change!

*Penny Pooper.  That's Emma's nickname this past weekend :)  She managed to swallow a penny this weekend. Have anyone else's kids done this?!

*Menu Planning- Our new house is about ten minutes from our small town.  In that small town there is a small grocery store that in my opinion is very over priced.  So the closest inexpensive grocery store is a good 25 minute drive from our house.  Which means that I need to start being alot more prepared in the food department.
My plan is to only get major groceries once every two weeks.  I have my two week meal plan and grocery list made up.  I'll let you know how it goes!  I've debated listing my two week meal plans and recipes on the blog... would anyone be interested?

*I feel like I've stumbled across some really great blogs lately... here are two of my favs...

* em' or hate em'?! We had this discussion at dinner last night.  Travis and I love them! My mother and father in laws... hate them.  What about you?


Sweet Cade is up from his nap and is now nursing.  So this post is now being typed with one hand. 
Which means it's time to wrap up :)
Have a great Monday whether you love them or not!

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  1. Mondays hate em!

    Hope you guy's get settled in your new place and new routines quickly!

  2. Thanks for linking me! I would say some weeks Mondays are hard, I feel as a sahm Monday's are what Sunday evening were when I worked. Full of catching up, laundry, cleaning and prep. Other Monday's I love. I do enjoy the fresh start to the week and anticipation of all the fun things that are to come in the days ahead.

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  4. I have followed your blog for awhile...found you thru the Toth Family!

    I live 10 miles from our small town with a small overpriced grocery store too! I would love to see your 2 week shopping list! I am horrible about meal planning/shopping!

  5. My Little A swallowed a penny a few months ago. She did it on a Tues. night and pooped it out Sat. morning. It scared us, but looking back, no big deal!

    Congrats on your new move and home. Best wishes! I'll keep reading your blog!

  6. oh and yes on menu plan sharing. i'd love to see what another mom makes for meals.

  7. Oh no! I can't believe your girl swallowed a penny! Is she okay? How scary and stressful for you :(

    New follower, please stop on by!

  8. I am also a meal planner, and would love to see yours. I always enjoy adding new recipes to the mix. :)

  9. Hey Ashley, just saw your comment. I can't wait to hear about the blessings God has for you all in your new corner of the world! I will send you an email with some more details about how we have changed some financial things : )

  10. New follower! Hopped over from Casey's. I am a fan of Monday's, I feel like they give me a fresh start for the week. I'm trying to get back into my menu planning, I'm in slump.