Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Weekend

To say that this weekend was an absolute treat would be the understatement of the year!!!
It was so great seeing my family and having them meet Cade!
We packed alot into the few days that they were here.
The night they arrived we ate barbeque at our house (Trav smoked a!) and then headed to their hotel for a little evening swimming.

  Quite a bit of the weekend was spent visiting on our front porch, playing washers in the front yard, riding my younger brother and sister's ripstick (have you ever tried one? CRAZY hard!) and cuddling on the babies.

Monday morning my mom, sisters, Emma, Cade and I headed to the American Girl Store!
Colt, my brother and dad headed off on their own boys' outing.
And poor Trav had to go to work!

The American Girl Store was everything we had hoped it would be!
We started off the morning with Emma picking out her own Bitty Baby.  Grandma's treat!
She ended up choosing a blonde hair-blue eyed baby.  After thinking long and hard about a name she ended up naming the baby, "Emma Maddie". I tried to talk her into naming it something besides Emma, but there was no changing her mind!  So Baby Emma Maddie it is!

The aunties, Grandma, Emma and Emma Maddie ;)

My mom had made lunch reservations in the American Girl Bistro for lunch.
It was so beautiful! Everything was very pink and very girly!

Sweet Cade was a good sport and slept the entire time!

My lunch... linguine with tomatoes and goat cheese.  It was the most delicious pasta I've ever eaten!

Dancing after lunch :)

It was such a memorable and fun trip!  Thanks for taking us Grandma :)

They headed back to Missouri on Tuesday morning. 
But not before they snuck in a little more cuddle time with Cade!


I'm off of here to tidy up the house before the kiddos wake up from their naps! 
Happy Thursday!


  1. Cade is SOSOSOSO cute! I could eat him up.
    Love that front porch. Someday I want one just like it. I think that is the first comment I ever left on your blog - about your porch and rockers. =) Me loves!

    And American Girl!? That place is SO special. A treat for girls and moms and aunties and grandmas alike. So glad you got to enjoy the cafe. It's such fun! XO

  2. Cute cute pictures! That pasta looks delish!