Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Musings...

Good Wednesday evening!
This post will be scattered and all over. 
Kind of how my posts have been the past few months :)
My brain is officially shot.
And it seems to only work remembering random thoughts and facts.
So that's what you'll be getting this evening...


Last week (at least I think it was last week... my brain can't exactly remember :) ) the weather was beautiful and Trav set up the kiddie pool for the kids to go swimming. 
Turns out it wasn't quite as warm as we had thought because after awhile I made them get out because they were shaking and their lips were blue :)

Emma wanted me to take a picture of her blue lips.  She was disappointed to see on my camera that they weren't as blue as she had imagined them to be.


I love how these two are such good buddies...


Monday was laundry day.
I had a precious little helper who thoroughly enjoyed laying in nests of warm, fresh from the dryer, blankets and clothes.

Last week we enjoyed a spring storm on the front porch.
Lots and LOTS of rain.


Life is still in limbo over here.  We'll be packing up and moving within a month. 
I'm so excited to move and get settled in our new town and home.
Definitely ready to get out my sewing machine and craft supplies.
It's been hard not putzing around the house working on fun projects!


Would you believe that I haven't had to menu plan or cook for a whole month since Cade has been born?
Between our church Sunday school class and my MOPS group we have had a whole month of meals.
I have been blown away by the generosity of friends and even people I don't really even know!
Makes me excited to pass the love on to other new moms.
It is such a blessing not to have to worry about dinners.
If any of you who brought meals reads this... THANKYOU!!!!!


It's four minutes til 10.
My goal was to be IN BED by 10.
I'm pooped.
Poor Cade was up quite a bit of last night.
Turns out he doesn't like spicy Mexican food in his milk.
Go figure :)
Lesson learned.

Have a good night friends!!!

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  1. Hope you sleep good tonight! Love catching up with you. I loved seeing the house pictures on FB. Where are y'all moving?