Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Randomness

Hello! I can tell you now that there will be no structure to this post whatsoever.  Just a few random thoughts while the babes are napping!

*I'm sure it has something to do with lack of sleep and baby number three... but my brain is SHOT!  I can't seem to remember anything.  My brain is feeling very elderly the past week. 

*It has been almost a whole month since I've had a Dr. Pepper.  I gave it up two weeks before Cade was born.  I haven't said anything because I typically cave in and have one after a week or so.  I'd say I'm in the clear this time and it feels great!

*Just a little lesson that everyone should learn.... never EVER EVER under any circumstances ask a woman when she is expecting or if she is pregnant. 
Yesterday I walked into a store and the sales woman immediately walked up to me.  Here's how the conversation went down.

Sales Woman: I love that shirt! Such a pretty coral color!
Me: Thankyou!  I love it too!
Sales Woman: It's maternity right? You are just the cutest pregnant girl ever!  You're pregnant right?!
(Side note: No, it was not a maternity shirt.)
Me: Oh uhhh... uhhhh... uhhhhhhhhhh... yep, maternity and yep pregnant.

And then I dashed out of the store :)
Now looking back I should have just told her that no, I just had a baby a week and a half ago.  And then perhaps she would have learned a valuable lesson in manners.  But of course I just chickened out and was embarassed and lied that I was pregnant. Ha! 
So, just in case you have never heard of this rule...then consider this your warning that you should never ask a woman when she is expecting or if she is pregnant!


*Travis and I have been watching Swamp People on the History Channel (you can watch the show online).  Ever seen it?  We love it :)  It's a reality tv show following alligator hunters down in Louisiana. It's definitely not a show I would have ever thought I would enjoy.  But their way of life is really quite fascinating!

* This is one of those times where my brain has shut down.  I had a list in my head of random things I was going to write about.  And now that I've started typing I can't thing of a darn one. :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend with the ones you love!
Have a great Monday tomorrow!


  1. Love the pic of your precious kids.

    Take some time to rest ... enjoy those little ones ... and you'll find your brain again, in no time.

    :) :) :)

  2. I just had a baby a week ago and the cashier at Babies R Us asked me when the baby was due...I said I just had a baby a week ago...she said oh i'm so sorry! I agree...never ask!!

  3. All I have to say is your AWESOME! I can't even imagine managing 3! And you make it look so easy (at least online and from afar :) My brain is still shot and I don't have any excuses!

    I learned my lesson a long time ago about asking if someone was pregnant. I was tricked-I went to a pampered chef party and the lady asked us to guess how many kids she had. I asked if she meant counting the one she was carrying, she said not to feel bad after 7 kids her belly was stuck like that, but I will NEVER ask again!

  4. The same thing happened to me about two weeks after one of my children was born. Good rule of thumb - NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant!

  5. This just made me laugh!! Girl, you should have told her! I haven't had a baby in almost 4 years, and I had a girl about 8-yrs-old come up to me in the grocery store and put her hands on my stomach and ask me about the baby. A, don't touch my stomach even if I am pregnant, and B, I AM NOT PREGNANT!! I have been sure to teach Ashley that she does not ever ask if someone is pregnant, so she always whispers in my ear if someone is.
    Wish I could meet that baby boy of yours!! The picture is adorable!

  6. Cutest pic ever.
    Sales Lady is a nut job.
    Congrats in kicking the DP!
    And don't worry, your brain will come back in about 18 years!!