Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch time, Sister love and a break

 Hi friends! The weekend is almost here!  I can hardly wait for Saturday to come.  
The reason is because..... my family is coming from Missouri to meet Cade and visit!!!
We have lots of exciting things planned.  One of them being a trip to the American Girl Store for Emma to pick out her very own Bitty Baby.  Ever since we found out Emmy was a girl my mom and sister Kaitlin have been planning this trip!  We've been waiting for her to be old enough to really enjoy it.  And the time has finally come!  

One of my favorite things about staying home with my kids is getting to eat lunch with them every day.
I love that Colt and Em are getting old enough to make up little games while we enjoy our lunch.  
One of our favorite games that we've made up is called the, "I like" game.  We all take turns saying things that we like.  It's such a crackup to hear the things that they say!  
Another game that we like to play is the "Funny Face Game."  This is where I tell the kids to make some sort of a face or to do some sort of an action and then they do it.
Below are a few pictures from a Funny Face Game this week.

"Make the biggest smile you can!"

"Look like a reindeer!"

*Colt loves reindeer.  He calls them "rain da deeahs" If he finds a pair of anything he'll stick it on his head like antlers.  Two sticks, two straws, two toys, etc.*

"Make a sad face"

"Go to sleep"

"Make a silly face"

I cherish these sweet times that we'll all eat our lunches together!

Just in the past week I've noticed Emma loving more and more on Cade.
She is SUCH a good big sister!  Any time she walks past him she baby talks to him and kisses him all over his face :)  The other day I found her sitting on the couch reading quietly to him. 
 It made my heart melt!

Yesterday when I went to get Cade up from his nap this is how I found him... :)
I wonder who could have done that?!


In other news I'm taking a week off from the internet/computer.  
I feel like a little break from blog checking and facebook would be good.
So... if anyone sends me any sort of message through the internet just know that you won't be hearing back from me until next week!
Enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. Aw, what cuties!! Isn't 3 kids sooo much fun and soooo insane all at the same time!!!!

  2. Love the lunch time games! We too do the same funny face game...just in the mirror while Ella sits on the counter. Ha! :)

    Emma is such a sweet big sis. All of your kids are just precious!!!