Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Clothing

Happy Saturday afternoon!  The weather here is absolutely beautiful!  Blue skies and lots of sun!
As soon as the babes wake up from their naps it's back outside for more fresh air :)

After spending the last six months wearing stretchy maternity pants and the same four shirts over and over and over again... I am SO ready for some new spring clothes!  I'm loving all the bright colors that stores are offering this spring.  I've got my little "wish-list" below.  Some of the things are from J. Crew and an online store called Emerson Made.  And let me just say the prices are way out of my price range.  The chambray skirt pictured below is $148... I don't think so.   However... the good part is I've seen similar items at Forever 21, Old Navy and Target!  For a fraction of the cost!  
The fun part about putting together an inspiration board for me is that I figure out what I like and what I'm looking for when I go shopping.  Then I don't become quite so overwhelmed and come home with a weird variety of clothes.  Most of what I've picked below can be mixed and matched!

1. Bright Gingham Shirt - Love that you can wear these tucked into a skirt or trouser jeans.  Or it can become casual with a light pair of denim jeans.
2. Beach Floral Dress- This would look cute alone or with a cardigan over it
3. Floral Scarf- I can't get enough scarves! I think this would look cute with a pair of trouser jeans, the wedges pictured above and a casual v-neck pocket tee. 
4. Chambray Skirt- I've seen similar skirts at Target and Old Navy.  So feminine!
5. Pocket Skirt- Love any skirt or dress with pockets!
6. Wedge- My favorite part about these is they can be either dressed up or down
7. Dark Trouser Jeans- I think this style of jeans is so flattering for anyone!
8. Assorted Bangles- Yay for Forever 21 and cheap jewelery :)

So there you have it.  What I'm dreaming about for spring :)
What are some of your favorite spring/summer clothes trends?

And of course all of this would be darling paired with some coral nail polish!

Enjoy your weekend! :)

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  1. I'm wearing my peachy/pink spring nail polish this week ... and looking forward to some CUTE new maternity wear.

    You know, it's been 10 years since I got pregnant last time ... and the maternity styles are much cuter now. :)

    Love your little "wish list" of spring clothes. Love your style.

    Laurel :)