Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello!  I'm still here and still big and pregnant :)  
Where to even begin with what I've been up to.........

Perhaps this picture will be a tad bit of a give away?

Yes...that's a packing box! And yes... we are moving!  
It has been a crazy past few weeks filled with more praying than I've ever done and also more 
de-cluttering and cleaning than I've ever done :)
Travis got a new coaching job as an offensive coordinator (for football) at another school.
The tentative plan is that we'll be moving as soon as school is out in May.
Which means that our sweet little blue cottage is hopefully going on the market some time next week!
It's been so incredible to see how God has orchestrated the turn of events so far.
Some might think we're crazy for putting our house on the market and moving when we have a baby due in a month.  Perhaps it is.
But we both know that God has a perfect plan for our family and we are SO excited to see what it is!!!

We've been spending quite a bit of our afternoons outside this past week.  
Reason number one-because the weather has been fabulous this week!
Reason number two- to keep the inside of the house clean :)

I've recruited Emma to help me with a few new chores around the house.
Her newest job is to fold all the washclothes and put them away. 
My plan is to train her to fold ALL the laundry and put it away by the time she's 4...
 just kidding... ha! Wishful thinking :)

I'm pretty sure Colt is going through a major growth spurt.  The boy could eat ALL day long if I would let him! 
 A few days ago he insisted on wearing a bib for most of the morning.  
Little genius was using it as storage for his snacks :)

So there you have it.
A short and sweet update of where I've been!  I have a feeling the blog is going to take a back seat for awhile until after Cade is born and we get moved.  I'll do my best to check in a bit more frequently.... but don't hold me to it :)
Hope all is well with you! Have a great Wednesday tomorrow :)


  1. Ashley, how exciting that you will soon have a new chapter in your lives. Know that I will be praying for all five of you as you transition to Travis' new offensive coordinator position. God's thoughts and ways are always higher than man's wisdom - I look forward to hearing how God uses your family at your new school.


  2. Ashley how exciting! Are you going with the Alexanders? I can't wait to see what God has in store for your precious family! We will be praying for you all during this transition time, let me know if you need any help-I'm an expert packer and mover you know ; )

  3. I just chuckled out loud! The bib for snacks sounds like my little guy and you are GENIUS for getting her to fold washcloths! I am going to start that tomorrow with my Little Lady, it would be a blessing to have someone help me with laundry.
    Hope you are feeling well, you sound like you are in great spirits! God is good!

  4. Wow, you've been busy!!! How exciting!! Good luck with everything!!!! Keep us updated.

  5. Oh my goodness!! So exciting! We moved last year & it was SO stressful, but so worth it in the end. God's hand was so evident in our move & I can tell that he is orchestrating great plans for you guys as well! Good luck with the move!

  6. I was just wondering where your sweet blogs had gone!! We are anxiously awaiting news of Cade's arrival and are praying for you all!! We love ya!! Happy packing and moving...

  7. my son has the same exact bib! although he prefers to wear it! lol