Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Curtains and Broccoli

Well....the curtains have been made for the living room.
I actually spent most of my free time today working on them.
It took me only about 30 minutes to finish sewing them.
Once they were hung I thought they smelled kind of weird.  Sort of like motor oil or grease.
Which I guess is to be expected since they are drop clothes that I did purchase from Lowes.
So I took the finished curtains back down and popped them into the wash on cold.
Once they were washed I thought I would just hang them back up and they could dry on the curtain rod.
I put two panels on the curtain rod and hung it up.
I stepped back to admire my work and was SHOCKED to see that the darn curtains had shrunk a whole foot from being washed!!! I never would have thought washing them in cold would have done that...would you?!?
Luckily I had some extra fabric leftover and was able to sew a foot of ruffle along the bottom of the curtain.  They're not quite what I was going for... but oh well.  :)
So if you plan on making curtains out of drop clothes any time soon make sure you do NOT wash them. Or I suppose you could pre-wash your fabric before you make curtains.
That probably would have been the smart thing to do!


The other night for dinner I made fettucine with chicken and vegetables.  
One of the veggies was broccoli.

This little guy LOVES broccoli.  He holds it by the stem and savors it slowly.

This little gal does NOT like broccoli.
She told me she wants to "wash the dishes with the broccoli." 

I suppose it does look like little green scrub brushes :)


Off to get my clean sheets out of the dryer!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE clean sheets! :)
Bedtime is going to feel extra nice tonight!
Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!


  1. I love Emma's face. That's about what Landree's looked like tonight. I made this chicken sausage dish with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes and she didn't want to take a bite!

  2. Do we get to see pics of the drop cloth curtains? I am very curious ... with or without ruffles, they sound great.

    I need new curtains for my living and dining rooms? Wanna help a mama out who has not a clue how to make my own curtains?

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  3. That look on Emma's face is priceless. Very clever that she thought of a dish scrubber.

  4. bummer about the curtains!! you should post some pics, I bet they still look good. :)

    p.s. you've been awarded! :) http://delightfulgrace.blogspot.com/2011/01/bye-bye-funk.html

  5. Hey sweet pea!
    You won my giveaway!! shoot me an email at lemonademakinmama@comcast.net and I'll hook you up to claim your prize!