Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday girl and a Princess Party

Goodmorning!!!  I just got Trav out the door to work and have a few extra minutes of peace and quiet while the kiddos are sleeping!


This past weekend was sweet Emma Kate's 3rd birthday.  I can't believe my little girl is THREE!
She's been talking about having a princess party for about half a year.  So that is exactly what we had!
We invited family and a few of her best friends for an evening of birthday fun!  Her actual birthday was on Sunday but we had her party on Saturday night.

She asked that she have a dress just like her favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty!

When her girlfriends got there they all made crowns and candy necklaces. 

Emma's Aunt Kate bought her a fun princess tent for her gift.  The girls had the best time playing in it!

And while they were busy playing the Prince of the party was quietly sneaking 
sips of lemonade out of their tea cups :)

Emma and her best friends :)
Camdyn, Ella and Macey 

On her birthday morning she opened up a few more presents
 and then we headed to IHOP for a birthday breakfast of pancakes!

After IHOP we went to Bass Pro to buy the kids each a little fishing pole. :) 
The true fisherman that he is, Trav has been wanting to teach the kids how to cast and reel in a fish.
He took them out in the yard when we got home to practice with them....
I don't think it went as well as he had planned in his head :) ha!

After a good afternoon nap we played with some of her new birthday toys.
One of our favorites is this little fishing game... thankyou Ella!!!
I'm pretty sure Colt might be the best at it!

We ended off her birthday with a movie and leftover pizza :)


Time to get off of here...

Oh and before I forget.... 
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 I'll be back in a day or two with some new recipes and a few new ideas.
Happy Wednesday :)


  1. hey my looks like she had a lovely birthday day....just a question what is the game called that you have with the fish...what company makes it cause I have been trying to find it for ages over here in Australia to no

  2. SO cute! I love the banner you made of princess dresses! Emma is getting so big and is adorable!

  3. What a pretty little Birthday Princess! :)