Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calm Night and Crazy Day

Yesterday was my mother-in-law Tricia's birthday. 
Happy Birthday :) :) :)
We celebrated by going out to a restaurant that is out in the middle of NOWHERE!
The name of the restaurant is Fish Camp.  They serve fish and burgers.
The food is incredibly delicious... but what makes the restaurant so wonderful is the setting and views. 
You can either eat inside the restaurant or outside at picnic tables.

There is a little walkway/dock area... they provide bamboo fishing poles for anyone who wants to catch a fish or two after dinner. 

After we finished our dinner we all went down by the pond and fished and relaxed until the sun set.  It was such an enjoyable and relaxing night!

Just a little tidbit of information about this picture...
Emma was being a tooty (surprise surprise!) and would NOT smile for or look at the camera.  Instead she kept fake yawning :)

Nana the birthday girl and Colty

Inside the restaurant there was a buffalo head on the wall.  Emma was VERY concerned about it.  She kept telling us "It's stuck in dayuh (there)" "I can help it get out"
Colt on the other hand thought it was awesome

Okay so I know last week I had said I was going to do a post on how to dress cheaply... I still am...perhaps next week.  But for now I will show you my outfit from last night.  I wore a navy romper. Yes.... a romper :)  Now...I realize that in 15 years I will look back and think, "What in the world was I thinking!?" But for today I love it :) So anyways... I paid $16 for it.  And my earrings were $3 (both romper and earrings were from Forever 21). And my sandals were $9 from Walmart.  So for a grand total of $28 I had a complete outfit from head to toe. Not too shabby! AND yes...I definitely understand this outfit isn't everybody's cup of tea... but still... you TOO can dress cheaply!  :)

And that ends our calm and relaxing evening.

Moving on to today :)

Here's how it went down. 

Warning: this is extremely long

Wake up and head straight to the kitchen to make Colt a bottle.  Turn the faucet to the hot water on to warm up his bottle.  The water is cold.  Head to the bathroom to see if there is hot water in there.  Nope. 

I called Travis and he came home from work to see what was wrong.  Turns out the hot water heater is broken and has flooded all over the laundry room floor.  So he cleans that up and tells me to call the city to turn off the water so he can fix that and the bathtub faucet (that has been dripping for weeks). 

A guy comes out and turns off the water.  We wait for 30 minutes and the water is still running.  I call back to the city and they send a crew out to see what the problem is.  Turns out something is broken underneath the ground.  So they dig a nice sized whole in our yard...fix it... and now our water is officially turned off.

Trav fixes the leaky tub faucet.  And we call and have the city turn our water BACK on (this all happened before 11).  Trav has gone back to work.  He will work on the water heater at lunch.

The kids and I get in the car and head out to get groceries at ALDI (my favorite grocery store! cheap!).  My car air conditioning is broken (happened right after we got home from Missouri) so even though it was a toasty ride to the grocery store it still wasn't too bad because it was still pretty early in the day.

We get a full cart of groceries and I procede to the checkout.  The cashier rings up all our groceries and loads them in another cart (you bag them yourself). I switch Colt over to the new cart and get my wallet out to pay.  I go to pull out my debit card and realize it's in Trav's pants pocket back at the house (from the day before).  No problem... "can I write a check?"... No.  So then I had another debit card for our savings account.  I go to use that and can't remember the pin number since I never use it.  AND they can't run it through as credit. 

So... they take my grocery cart to the freezer at the back of the store to keep cool while I go and find some way to pay.  Meanwhile, I have Colt on my hip and am dragging a screaming Emma out of the store.  Turns out she was screaming because she had put her shoes in the cart that they had wheeled to the back of the store.  I told her we would get them when we came back to pay for our groceries.

I didn't want to drive 20 minutes home so I thought I would just go to a nearby bank to cash a check.  I pulled up to the drive through and asked if they could cash a check even though they weren't my bank. 
"Sure.. no problem.. we just prefer you come inside to do it"
So I unload both kids again and go inside (remember Emma has no shoes).  We wait about 10 minutes in line.  I write out a check and hand it to the teller. 
"Oh... I'm sorry you can't cash this here since it's not your bank."

So back into the car we go.  By this time my car said the temperature outside was 96.
The kids heads looked like tomatoes from being so warm :)

I finally found a bank that was ours my cash... went back to ALDI... paid for my groceries... got Emma's shoes back... and headed home.

All of this took place before 1.

It was one of those days that was so crazy that you couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous it was!!!  Although mid way through I wasn't laughing :) ha


And ya know... at the time this all seemed like such a huge problem and big deal.  My car air doesn't work... our water heater is broken (we ended up having to get a new one by the way)'s hot... I am tired of getting in and out of the car with the kids... I can't believe I don't have my debit car...I could go on and on...

But really these are all such silly things.

There is a family in our community whose father died in January in a car accident. They have a teenage son who plays baseball.  He ruptured his spleen at a game awhile back.  They did tests to see what was wrong and it turns out that he has leukemia.

I'm sure his mother would love to have my day full of petty problems. 
It makes me sick to think about them.

If you think of it keep this family in your prayers. 


Hope everyone has a great long weekend relaxing!

John 16:33, " I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We're home!  We had such a great time visiting my family but it feels so good to be home!  I don't know about anybody else but after I've being away for a few days I always come home feeling energized and ready to clean/organize!  I think I need to go away more often ;)  I'm taking full advantage of this feeling because I'm pretty sure it'll be gone in a few days :)


One last little recap of our trip to Missouri....

One of my favorite places to go while we're there is the Cheese Outlet/Antique Mall/Russell Stovers Factory.  Every time I'm home my family humors me and we all go for cheese sampling, antique shopping and chocolate sampling.  I dare say it doesn't get any better than that :)


This little girl couldn't get enough of the horses!


While I was home I discovered that my older brother secretly reads my blog every night :)  He accidently let the secret out when at supper he said...

"I saw they have your favorite candles at the Tractor Supply Store"

"Oh really? How did you know what my favorite candles were?"

"Uh... I don't remember"

And then later that evening his wife let the secret out :)'s a shout out to my favorite oldest brother... I love you Justin!


Emma loved having her Uncle Justin read books to her.

Probably because he wouldn't read the books but would rather make up silly stories that went with the pictures.

Her favorite made up story was about Jim the Frog who flushed the toilet with his foot.

She kept saying, "That crazy Jim" :)


Emma enjoyed practicing her "flute" with Aunt Kaitlin


Olives are always plentiful at Grandma's house


We ate delicious homemade icecream cake for Pawpa's Birthday.  I'll have to get the recipe from my mom.  It was the best icecream cake I've ever tasted!

Happy Birthday Pawpa! We love you and are so glad we were home to celebrate with you!


Last night was the spring football scrimmage.  It was humid and warm but such a great time!
It makes me excited for the fall!

One of our sweet friends Katherine (Hey Katherine!!!) bought Emma a drink at the beginning of the game and Emma savored it through the whole game.  It was such a treat! 


And last but not least... a picture of my sweet boy.  Poor little guy doesn't get his picture taken as much as his sister.  Probably because he just sits on the floor quiet and content as can be. :) He's such a good boy!

The past few days I've been switching him over from formula to whole milk.  So far so good.  He seriously would eat ALL DAY if I let him! 

This morning he had a doughnut for breakfast...nutritious and delicious :)


Wow...this post turned out a little longer than I had anticipated!
So if you're still reading along hope you've had a great Tuesday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Trips, Music, Birthdays and a Wedding

The babes and I made a 9 hour drive to visit my side of family.
One of the reasons we came is to celebrate my Dad's birthday.
Happy Birthday Dad!!!

We also came up to attend a wedding of a friend of the family.  That will be tomorrow.


Last night we attended my youngest sister's orchestra performance in which she plays the flute.  It was beautiful!!!

She's the sister on the left and our middle sister is on my right.


Today we've been...


Crafting with Grandma

Enjoying the scenery...

Riding a motorcycle...

and loving on Taco the dog.


We sure do miss you while we're away Trav!!!
We'll be home soon :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winner winner!!!

I used the Random Number Genorater...

Out of 35 entries...

Number 13 Won...

And Number 13 is...

Go and check out her blog...she's a super-mom of three, a coach's wife, super creative, beautiful and also has a food blog and party blog.

Congrats Erin!  E-mail me your address and I'll get your gift card in the mail :)


No pictures tonight.  The camera battery is dead :)

Hope everybody is having a great Wednesday!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Girls and Clothing

The babes are in bed and Trav is cleaning up after spring ball... so I'm going to try to blog fast!  We've got a date on the couch tonight watching a movie and eating Taco Salad (I'll post the recipe tomorrow!).

Being a stay at home mom and a wife of a teacher/coach we live on a very small budget.  It has really caused me to become creative in the way that we live.  As silly as it sounds I think that I thrive the most when we have the least amount of money because I love a good challenge in trying to make everything work!

One of the ways that I save money is by buying Emma (and sometimes Colt) name brand clothes. YES Name Brand!!!  And believe it or not I pretty much clothe her for free.  Here's how.

I buy the majority of her clothes off of Ebay.  The main brands that I search for Emma are GAP, Gymboree, Janie and Jack and Baby Lulu.  Once I find an outfit that I like I will look to see if that seller is selling anything else.  Alot of the time it's usually a mother cleaning out her daughter's closet and selling everything from that season.  The reason I like to see if they are selling anything else is because most of the time they combine shipping which will bring your cost down.  I will add that sometimes people can get bidding happy on Ebay and outfits get bid WAY beyond what they are worth.  So be smart in your bidding!  I only bid during the last minute and if I lose then obviously it wasn't meant to be ;)

I also buy her outfits straight from Gymboree.  I never pay full price.  Get on Gymboree's e-mail list and they will send you some great coupons!  I recently placed an order and I was able to use the coupon on clearanced prices.  Also, when shopping Gymboree watch for when you can earn Gymbucks.  For every $50 you spend you get $25 to be used later on.  BIG BIG savings!!

The reason that I buy name brand on Ebay and on sale from stores is because the majority of the time I can sell it right back on Ebay and make back what I paid for the item. And I would say the majority of the time I make over what I bought the items for.  The key is to buy complete outfits.  I have found that seperate shirts and seperate pants hardly sell.  I have also found that if I sell outfits that have matching bows I usually make quite a bit more than what I bought the outfit for.

It does take some time and effort but it is SO worth it!  After each season I will pack up her outfits that I can sell on Ebay and store them for a year until the next season.  Write down what you paid for each outfit after you buy it so that you can keep track of how much you have spent and are spending.

The fun part is when the seasons change.  I bring down my gigantic bin of clothes for selling down from the attic.  It usually takes me a couple of days to list everything on Ebay. Oh, quick tip... I have found the best time to have your auctions ending is between 7 to 10 pm.  I figure it's usually when mom's are sitting down at the end of their day.  That's when I do my online shopping!

So, whatever money I make from all of my E-bay sales (from the outfits from the previous year) is the money that I use to buy her new outfits for that season.  Make sense?

Also, I don't do this for all of Emma's clothing.  I do this for her church clothes and nicer (if we go somewhere) outfits.  For all of her play clothes I just buy cheap little oufits from Target or Walmart that she can get dirty.  Then after the end of that season I usually first bring them to the Second Hand store in town to see if they'll give me any money for them and if not then they will donate them to a local charity for me.

I realize alot of people save their clothes for hand-me downs.  And that is awesome too!  It just doesn't work for us right now with a boy and a girl.  Plus I don't know when we'll be having more and by the time another one comes around I'm sure my taste of what I like for them to wear will change.

And also, I don't typically do this as much for Colt.  I have found that little boy things don't sell as well on Ebay.  Probably because their clothes are dirtier and stinkier :)

So... that's how I shop for Emma's clothes :)

If you have any questions let me know! I'd be more than happy to answer them!

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!


My little bookworm

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Babes, Bargains and Starbucks Giveaway

Happy Weekend Friends!!!

We finished off our week with one last day of playing with our cousins before they went to stay at their Nana's house.  I was a little bummed because I had planned on the kids playing outside most of the day but it poured pretty much all day.  There was a little while in the morning when the rain stopped.  I was feeling exhausted from the night before (cousins had spent the night and there was at least one child up about every hour and a half) and made the desicion to load all the kids up for a run to the Starbucks drive through.

Anytime I load kids in the car I make them stand on the porch and then I come back for them one by one to put in the car.  It keeps them right where I can see them and also so they won't run into the street.

Here's our little group minus Colty waiting to be loaded :)

I felt like a school bus driver.  The things a girl will do for some coffee :)
One last picture of our week with the cousins.  This was the night they spent the night.  Four freshly bathed babies in their jammies... nothing better!


Alright... now that I've satisfied the Grandparent's need for pictures of their grandbabies I can move on to other fun subjects for those of you who might be interested in other things ;)

SO... awhile back I had posted a pair of sandals in my Favorite Things post.
This is them. 

American Eagle for $29.50

So yesterday I bought some sandals....
Here they are... (I need to repaint my toenails..please ignore)

American Eagle? Nope.  WALMART! For $10 :)
My little sister Kaitlin called me last week and told me they had some that looked almost identical.  And sure enough...they are :) for $19.50 cheaper... my kind of sandals!

Now, while I'm on the subject of buying bargain clothing.  My sweet husband gave me some cash last weekend for Mother's Day to buy some new clothes for the summer.  I went to the mall this afternoon by myself to shop.  Pure heaven!  After I finished my shopping I bought a Mrs. Fields M&M Cookie and Dr. Pepper to eat while I sauntered along and people watched.  It was SUCH a treat to be alone and to eat my food without having to share with anyone! ha! Thanks Trav for the gift and time alone :). 
I plan on doing a post later this week showing what I purchased.  The reason being is because I want to prove that cheap clothes can look just as cute as J.Crew or the GAP.  Obviously I LOVE both of those stores but can't afford either. I take that back... I could probably afford A t-shirt or A sock. haha I kid I kid. But seriously... you can buy several items for the price of one from either store. Sure the quality is not as nice...but I could care less.  By the time it begins to wear out I'm usually pregnant again and it's time for maternity clothes.  Ha just kidding :)  So... watch for it sometime this week... a little post on dressing cheaply :)

Side Note: I'm not bashing anyone who shops at either store... yay for you! :) But as a stay-at-home mom of a husband who is a teacher/coach our clothing budget is pretty limited.  Oh and one more side note while I'm at it :) I'll post later this week on how you can clothe your children (especially girls) for FREE.  And I'm not talking WalMart brand!  Stay tuned...


AND last but not least!!!

I am so thankful for all of my readers.  Those of you who I know in real life...those of you who I just know through blog land... and those of you who read but never comment (I'm the worst at this...trying to do better!).

So, as a little thankyou for reading my blog I am going to have a giveaway.
And the best thing that I could think of to give for my first giveaway is a....

$10 Starbucks Giftcard

And for those of you who don't like coffee they have delicious pastries and breakfast sandwiches!!!

So... here's how you enter.
(Oh and this is also a bribe to make the non-commenters comment ;) )
And even if I know you please enter!! Mom, this includes you :)

There are four ways to enter. 


1. Leave a comment.  Make sure to leave an e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!
2. Become a follower.
3. Post about the giveaway on your blog.  Please leave a link to your blog.
4. Tweet about the giveaway.  Please leave the link where you have done so.

The giveaway will close next Wednesday (the 12th) at Noon.
I will randomly select a winner and will announce them on Wednesday evening!

So... enter away my friends!!!


Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sleeping "Tooty" went for a drive in her car...


I thought an animal attacked my flowers...

until I saw the evidence on this little critter's nose


This little guy was the center of attention


And he was also got a special treat


This little girl took a two hour nap (poor thing has a cold).  Woke up and asked for a back massage and then fell back asleep for another hour after her massage. 


We spent the evening up at the practice field watching the boys practice and Trav coach.
My thinking was I'd wear the kids out from being outside...

my thinking worked... they both went right to sleep at bedtime.


One last thing... I wanted to tell everyone who has been commenting lately...THANKYOU!  It has been so much fun reading all of your comments.  It seriously makes my day :)  I've tried to reply to each of them.  Some of you who don't have blogs I haven't been able to here's a thankyou for you!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Picture Catch Up

Oh my... I am a lover of Monday's... but today is one of those Monday's that I am so happy is over!
It was a great day... just a very lonnnnng Monday and I feel like I've been hit by a bus.
The reason I feel like I've been hit by a bus is because somehow while walking (more like racing... I tend to race from one task to the next...anyone with me?) through the house my feet got tangled in a play car and a chair.  The next thing I knew I was flat on my back with my breathe  knocked out of me.  I lay there until my breathe came back and then slowly got up all while Emma and her cousin Tyler were laughing at me.  I can't say I've ever fallen so hard in my life.  Lesson Learned: never have play cars in your house and don't race from room to room like a chicken with your head cut off.


In other news Travis gave a speech tonight at the highschool athletic banquet.  I am so proud of him!!!  Speaking definitely isn't his cup of tea but he did such a great job...
I love you Trav and am proud of you :)

It was a fun way to end a long day.  Trav's mom watched the kids so I could sit and enjoy the meal while listening to him speak.  It was such a treat.  Thankyou Tricia for watching them!
______________________________________'s time for bed so here's a quick picture catchup for the past week...

Napping babes Mother's Day morning

Emma had her first french braids for Mother's Day :) Big girl!!!
These pics were taken after we came back from lunch at Trav's mom's.  Hence a missing ribbon.

Sweet Coltyboy was sleeping when we took these pictures.  I told Travis we needed to do a Mother's Day reenactment so that I can have a picture with both my babies!

The cousins were here today!  I took them for a walk in the wagon this morning (this was pre-falling down).  I think I somewhat resembled a mule pulling a was heavy!

At one point I felt like this

Best friends :) I'm so glad my kids have cousins that are close to them in age.  They're going to have such great memories together!

This picture is priceless... all three of them were calling the dog to come out and play with them :)


Alright peeps.. off to take take a soothing bath and some tylenol.