Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scarf/Necklace Tutorial

This is such a fun project to make for yourself or to give as a Christmas gift!
The fun part about it is the possibilities are endless. You can change the color, mix and match colors, experiment with the sizes of strands you make, make them shorter or longer, use both crocheted and braided strands... you name it! I'd love to see what you come up with!

I began by crocheting individual strands out of yarn.  If you don't feel like crocheting you could also braid individual strands. And if you want to crochet but don't know how then just find a how-to video on Youtube.  There are PLENTY of them! 
 I prefer my scarves to look a little fuller so each one that I have made ranges from 20-30 crocheted strands.
To figure out how long I needed my strands to be I simply kept crocheting and then hanging it around my neck until it was where I wanted it.  That's the beauty of this craft... anything goes!
Once you have the amount of crocheted strands you want, lay all the strands together.
Tie both ends with extra strands of yarn.
It should look something like the picture below.

I then tied both ends together with another piece of yarn.

Crochet (or braid) an extra long strand.
You will use this strand to wrap around the unfinished knot.
I began by tying the strand in a tight know on the left side of the unfinished "mess". 
I wrapped my single crocheted strand tightly around the unfinished ends.
You're basically hiding everything unfinished underneath your single crocheted strand.
Once I had wrapped over the unfinished ends I tied the single crochet strand off and tucked in any loose ends that were sticking out.

Here's what the finished product looked like.



  1. I am going to find a how to crochet video and the girls and I are going to try this...looks super cute!! I just ordered some fabric to make some spring/summer dresses...figure I will get a head start!!

  2. I can't crochet. Is the tutorial easy???? Because of you we have at least 5 bags ready to donate so far. I am so sick of clutter. "WE" really have more than we could ever use/need.

  3. Ashley, you have such cute ideas! My mom pointed me towards your blog and I love it. I already made a book wreath inspired by yours! Missed you this year for the holidays, maybe we can catch up sometime!

    P.S. It's Jennifer, but it shows Avery on my picture!