Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Forts, decorations, tricks and trees

Good Wednesday evening!  We've spent the better part of this week crafting, playing and relaxing.  I know I said it in the last post (or the one before) but having a dryer has REALLY freed up alot of my time!!! :)
Here's what we've been doing with some of the "clothes-line" time :)

On Monday the kids and I (who are we kidding... capital I) built a fort in the corner of our bedroom.  It's the perfect little nook for them to look out the window and read their books.  This particular morning the kids stayed in their pjs til almost lunchtime. Which if you know me is not something that happens very often around here.  That is a whole other blog post in itself.... that and the fact that I don't wear sweatpants or sweatshirts anymore :) Making a mental note to post about that another day.....

Anyways, the "secret fort" as Emma likes to call it, bought me about 2 hours of extra time on Monday morning to work around the house!  They read books, ate their snacks, looked out the windows and who knows what else for TWO HOURS!!!  I think I need to build "secret forts" up all around my house!


This year I've decided to keep my Christmas decorating fairly simple.
We of course put up our ginormous Christmas tree.  But besides that I only have a few odds and ends up.
One of my favorite parts of having a real tree is using the trimmings to create fresh wreaths and garlands for around my house.  It makes everything smell so fresh!

I hung a simple wreath over our bed with a piece of white fabric.
It's definitely not a fancy or perfect wreath... but I love it!!!

And a silly pregnancy side note:
I have the craziest dreams when I am pregnant.  They're about anything and everything and SO realistic!  About a month ago I was dreaming about these gigantic white ruffled pillows on our living room couches.  In my dream they were as tall as Travis.  When I woke up I couldn't get them out of my head so I made one :)  Not as tall as Travis... a smaller version ;)
I tried to put it on the couch like in my dream but Travis and my sister said it looked a little too foo-foo (aka girly) for the living room.  So off it went to our bed :) Very random story... but now you know all about my ruffled pillow!

The living room....

My younger sister is the queen of wrapping presents.  Everything you see on the dresser is what she has wrapped.  All of my presents are sitting in the closet waiting to be wrapped.  Someday.  :)

About a month ago I made silhouettes of the kids... I love how they turned out!
And I also made a paper wreath out of a book.  What you see is a whole book.  It took up one naptime (roughly 2 hours).  It's not quite as full as I'd like... but I ran out of book to fill it up and didn't have another one to begin to rip apart!

In the kids' room I displayed some of our Christmas/winter books and we put up Emma's little Christmas tree.  The reindeer around the base of the tree are Colt's favorites.  He calls them horses and carries them around the house most of the day!

One of my favorite Christmas decorations to put out is our stockings.
I'm not sure who made Trav's... I'll have to ask his mom!
My mom made mine.
I made Emma's.
And my mom and sister Kaitlin made Colt's!

That's pretty much all of the decorations I have up this year! 
I did decorate the front porch a tad but that's it!

It is kind of nice not having a ton out because I'm ready to get this little house ship shaped up for our arrival in March!!!  One of my big to-do's is to paint our bathroom walls and trim (sorry Travis...)! 


I'm about to admit one of my favorite motherhood "tricks". 
You know those times where you need just like 5 minutes to yourself?  Either to finish sweeping the floor, scrubbing the toilet.... or perhaps you just want to stand in the corner to drink your Dr. Pepper in peace? :)
Well... here's how I get my 5 minutes here and there throughout my day.
When they're hanging on my legs and neeeeeeeeeeeeeding me.  I simply say...

"Go look out the window and see if you can see any squirrels or birds!"

It works every time.

They dash off to the window and stand there looking for at least five minutes :)
And luckily our yard has a plentiful supply of birds and squirrels so sometimes it's even TEN minutes! :)


And to end off this very random and long post... a few pictures of our afternoon.
We had a Christmas tree afternoon.  The kids decorated paper Christmas trees and then we had made cookies that looked like Christmas trees.  I love afternoons like these!

Emma used glitter glue to decorate her tree.  She made lots of little blobs all over it.
If you will look closely you can see little fingers have poked and dragged some of the glitter blobs...

I wonder who that could be....


Time to get off of here! The computer battery is about to die and I'm too lazy to get up to plug it in!
Nighty night and happy Thursday!!!!


  1. Everything looks fabulous! We are officially in town time will go quickly. Maybe we can get together one day. I love the pillow!

  2. LOVE the "secret fort" idea.

    Missing the carefree days of a house full of little ones. Oh how life gets more complicated with teens and young adults. (I love them ... I just miss the simplicity of life with the little ones.)

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  3. I absolutely love the paper wreath. Beautiful.

  4. Oh Ashley ... your comment brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU for your prayers early this morning.

    We will be in Houston for the TX. If you live anywhere close, we would LOVE to meet you. I'll have my laptop with my on the road trip, so just pop me an email or a comment, and let me know where you live.


  5. Is that a vintage Fire King mug Emma is using? I have a whole bunch of those in the Jadeite color. LOVE THEM!

  6. You are such a great Mother. I hope to get the fabric this weekend.