Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Holiday Recap

OH MY!!!!
There have been Christmas's in the past where the holiday ends and I feel as if I haven't soaked it all in and December 26th comes with me feeling a little sad that it's all over.  
That is definitely not the case this year!  This year I feel like every moment was packed with meaningful activities and lots of quality family time!  


The week leading up to Christmas we...

spent lots of time loving on our sweet little cousin Jake

Went sledding and made snow angels

Drank hot cocoa

Spent lots of time visiting by the fireplace in my parent's family room
(and as you can see the boys spent lots of time playing the Wii ;) )


Christmas Eve was spent having a family Christmas Eve service at home, eating yummy appetizers and watching Christmas movies.

Then it was time for Christmas jammies and off to bed!

We started Christmas morning with stockings!

After our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls and grapefruit it was time for a few family pictures before the present opening began.

My mom spent months knitting sock monkeys for the grandkids.  They were SO darling!
Each monkey had its own scarf and stocking hat.

Emma loves to dance with her monkey...

and Colt prefers to ride his like a horse!

After present opening we ate our traditional Christmas dinner of fondue!  
It's one of my favorite traditions!
I was too busy eating and didn't get any pictures of the rest of the day :)

Time to head off of here...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Can't wait to read and hear all about them from each of you!


  1. What great pictures! And those sock monkeys are soooo cute!!!! Love 'em!

  2. I'll post a better pic of my bracelet. It has some huge bling on!!! He(meaning me) got it in Lubbock at Belly Couture. I was with my girlfriends shopping and I just had to have it. So I wrapped it up for Christmas. HAHA!!

  3. What a fun Christmas you guys had! I love the idea of a Christmas fondue dinner! And, cute sock aunt made Kate a sock monkey a few years ago. So cute!