Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love Tank, play food and a belly

One of the things we joke about most at our house is the difference in our kids' "love tanks"
Emma just needs a little bit of affection to get through her day.  Colt on the other hand needs LOTS and LOTS of physical loving on throughout the day.  It takes just a little time to fill up Emma's "love tank" and pretty much the majority of the day to fill up Colty's :) Make sense?

Since he's been feeling pretty crummy due to four molars coming in he has been quite clingy and in need of some major filling of his "love tank".... Alllll ... dayyyy.... lonnnng :)
So that's just what we've been doing!
Here's what the majority of my day looked like


I walked into the kids' room today and noticed Emma had lined up some of her play food in her kitchen.
Couldn't resist taking a picture of the food because it looked so darn cute!  I didn't realize when I had bought the play food from Target that it had "real" brands in it!  Too funny!


And as requested by a few people, here is a shot of my growing belly.
I'm exactly 21 weeks today!  


Off to the tub! Have a great Friday tomorrow! Yay for the weekend!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ashley,

    How cute are those play foods. They totally look real in her kitchen.
    And your teeny tiny baby bump is so cute!