Monday, October 18, 2010


This past weekend was one of the BEST weekends I have probably ever had!
My family came into town for the weekend to pick up my youngest sister Kaitlin and just to visit.  It's become a tradition that they come for a weekend every fall.  They come to a football game and we usually end up doing some sort of shopping on Saturday (my Dad's favorite part.  ha).

Friday night's game was a big one for us against our town's other highschool.  We have lost the past two years to them.  The first half of the game started out with them considerably ahead of us.  The third quarter we slowly caught up.  And the fourth quarter was the most INTENSE quarter of football with our boys battling to the end.  The crowd was on it's feet the entire last quarter screaming and yelling!  It ended with our boys winning 52-51!!!!

My mom, sister Kaitlin, me and sister Bekka

 Sweet Colty loving on his Uncle Tim

Colty loves his Pawpa :)


On Saturday we went to IKEA for lunch and a bit of shopping.  I love that place! If you have never been I highly suggest you find one near you!  I told myself I would only spend $20 while I was there (I ended up spending $18).  I bought  3 1/2 yards of fabric to make a winter blanket for Emma's bed, two ornament holders and a roll of wrapping paper.  The fabric for the blanket looks exactly like the fabric on this comforter.  I plan on using another red fabric to accent the back and top of the blanket.

The fam went back to Missouri this morning.  It's always a bummer when they's always such a good time when they visit!

I had every intention of posting some of my new organized spots around my house tonight.  I had taken pictures a few days ago.  But, the reason you're seeing no organized anything is because I accidently left my camera in my sister Kaitlin's purse.  Which is now in Missouri.  So hang with me :)

Off of bloggy land to list a few things on Ebay before bed. 
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Shh, don't tell the south side of town, but we are so excited that y'all won! Tell Travis congrats from us!

  2. That was THE BEST Friday night football game I ever been to.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. So glad your family could come visit. I so look forward to when our kids are married and have little ones ... we will LOVE to visit them, I'm sure. (Looks like we will be having 4 weddings in the next 8 months. Yikes!)

    I don't have much of a relationship with my mom, so I love to hear how young married women have great relationships with their moms. I do have good relationships with my young adult daughters, but can't wait until they, too, are wives and mommies.

    Two of my boys are engaged, so I am having fun getting to know my 2 up-coming daughter-in-laws. :)