Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm going to start this post off with a warning.
It will be slightly lame because there will not be a single picture involved.
I've tried downloading some from my sister's computer to my husband's mac.
Didn't work.
I tried figuring out how to copy and paste something from the Internet to the pictures on a mac....
but again...have no idea how (so if you know please tell me how!).
Then I went to just use a picture that was already downloaded onto his mac and the whole picture thing has disappeared somewhere into the mac world.  Seriously?!

So. That explains the no picture kind of post :)

Have I said how much mac's confuse and frustrate me?!
I need to go to mac school I guess.

Just a few random thoughts that have gone through my head today...


*Insert a picture of a clock here*

One week from tomorrow we will find out whether we're having a girl or a boy!  In my mind it's already a boy.  Can't wait to see if I'm right!!! :)  This pregnancy has flown by faster than the other two.  I suppose it has something to do with me chasing around after the other two little munchkins.


*Insert a picture of a steak here*

I would cut my right arm off to have a delicious steak in front of me right now!  Super excited to have one next week.  Trav and I are going out to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary :)  I told him I didn't care where we went as long as they had delicious steaks.  And just a sidenote: I have never in my entire life ordered a steak off of a menu.  I'm not sure what to even order?  Tell me what kind of a steak you like! How do you like it done?  I prefer my steak to be on the crispy side.  I know that most steak lovers say this is ruining the steak... but I love it :) Reminds me of beef jerky!


*Insert a picture of a sewing machine*

I have finally gotten my sewing machine and serger back in working order.  Last night I sewed Emma a little tunic.  I made the pattern up.  I have learned never to do that again.  When she put the tunic on she slightly resembled Humpty Dumpty.  It had elastic around the neck and the way the fabric gathered made the shirt poof out in the front and back.  

I've also started on a few Christmas presents.  My goal is to make quite a few of my presents handmade this year.  Not only to save a little moolaa but also because they're some of my favorite presents to receive!

I've been going back and forth on whether or not to open Blue Cottage Kids any time soon.  At the moment I'm kind of just enjoying sewing for Emma.  We shall see!


*Insert a logo of Pandora Radio*

I LOVE Pandora!  My current favorite stations are Frank Sinatra Christmas and Watermark.  Yes...Christmas music in October.  We start celebrating early over here people!

And the Watermark station always has some great praise and worship music.  Nothing loud and crazy.  Good background music for our day!


*Insert a picture of me closing my eyes*


Off to bed!  Goodnight and Happy Thursday tomorrow!


  1. I had a huge steak craving a few months ago and I also told Keri to take me anywhere for a steak! He took me to Saltgrass....yum! I think I got a sirloin-well done in fact! Enjoy your meal next week and happy anniversary!

  2. No need for pictures...I can see your sweet faces in my head!! We are so excited to hear if baby 3 is a boy or a girl...I am voting girl because they are so fun to sew for!! Have your steak well-done with lots of a-1 yummmmmmyyyyy!! I have been sewing like crazy lately...I will have to send pictures!! Love ya...happy 4 years!!

  3. Okay, I love me some steak, and I order a filet cooked medium-well. I used to be like you and get it well done and dip it in all kinds of crazy sauces, but a good steak tastes perfect the way it is!

    Can't wait to hear what Baby #3 is!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry for all of your picture uploading issues. You know you can go to the Apple Store and sit with one of their geeks and they will show you how to do anything. I hope you will grow to love our MAC one day soon.

  5. Definitely go Saltgrass! Amazing steaks and no sauce needed. Plus they have super yummy garlic mashed potatoes. Oh they are to die for! Sirloin or filet for sure!

  6. Mmm...steak. I typically order medium, but when you are pregnant, you are "supposed" to order well done. You know...rules, rules, rules. Bla, bla, bla! Enjoy your night out and get what you want!
    I can not wait to hear what you are having. Are you sharing names or are you going to be difficult like me? ;)