Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An attempt at organization

I'm taking a little break from fabric cutting (new Blue Cottage Holiday clothes!) to get on the internet for just a few.  Who am I kidding... a few minutes on the computer always amounts to an hour or so for me :) Anyone else with me? It's a total time burner for me!  I've actually been without a computer for the past couple of weeks during the day (mine has crashed) so I just use Trav's during the day.  It's amazing how MUCH I get done when I don't have the internet to browse every now and then.  I'm a sucker for a good blog :)  

Anyways... this all sort of leads me to the topic of organization.  The past month I have been working on organizing EVERY tiny aspect of our home.  Having all the energy sucked out of me during the first trimester of pregnancy made me realize just how unorganized my home was unless I was staying on top of it 24/7 (which at the time just wasn't happening).  While I was spending so much time resting on the couch I came up with several solutions to help keep our home organized and "flowing" peacefully :)  

Our home is so small that it's easy for it to get overtaken with stuff and laundry.  My solution for the stuff was to throw it away or give it away.  Obviously I couldn't do that with our laundry.  
So here's the solution that I came up with.

I bought five inexpensive trashcans from Walmart.  Each trashcan I labeled with a category of the laundry.  Colds, Lights, Darks, Athletics (for Trav's coaching clothes) and Towels. I set the trashcans up in my laundry room right in front of the washer. Each family member is responsible for sorting their own clothes into the trashcans once they're done wearing it.  Obviously I sort the babes' clothes.  But Travis and Bekka (my sister) are responsible for their own.  When the clothes become level with the top of the trashcan I know that is ONE full load of laundry.  I dump it into my machine and voila!  I've eliminated dirty clothes around the house and having to sort them.  And the best part about it is I don't feel like I need to be doing laundry ALL the time like I used to.  I don't even bother with the wash until it reaches the top!  It is the best thing I have ever done!!!  So run to Walmart immediately and do so yourself!  

Another problem I felt like I was continually facing was finding space to store things.
This summer I found this dresser at a garage sale for $10.  After a fresh coat of paint it looks good as new!  I've been using it to store movies, holiday decorations, games, etc.  

Please excuse the bareness of the walls and the top of the dresser:)
Ever since redoing our floors this summer I've been taking my merry time putting everything back together the way I want it!  I just finished sewing the curtains out of inexpensive painters dropclothes from Lowes ($10 per window!).  I'm hoping to have something on that wall by the time Christmas comes around;)  we shall see!


So there are a few things that I've been doing around the house.
I'll share a few more in the upcoming weeks!
If you have any great organization tips you're willing to share I am ALL ears!!!

Off to finish cutting out patterns!
Happy Wednesday tomorrow! :)


  1. LOVE the idea of the sorting bins in the laundry room. Genius!!!

  2. Where do you get their cute little "r" shirts?? I'd love to find a RHHS shirt that size for Makayla!

  3. I love the trashcans for sorting laundry. I'm going to Walmart asap! I've never said that willingly before :) LOVE IT! Let me know if you have other ideas-I feel like it's taken us forever to get things organized around here. Any other time we've moved we've had things set up in days. I guess two kids will slow you down a bit, but 10 months is ridiculous!

    And on your suggestion I've tried Aldi and LOVE IT! When we moved we are super close to one, but I just hadn't gone there, but I'm in love. I am finding more and more each time I go. But I need a blog post (or email) of what you are cooking to get your grocery bill so low! Really, give us some ideas of what you got to cook this last shopping trip. Have you tried their meat? I'm so weird about that stuff, but I did get the ground turkey last time and it was good. Which store do you go to?

    Ok, the novel is almost over...I love the dresser. I can't wait to see your living room all finished. Maybe we can come play sometime in Dec. when we are home. I did a picture wall in my living room because I loved yours so much.

  4. Love all your ideas Ashley and can't wait to see your Blue Cottage Christmas clothes! I have the same organization for our laundry and keep the trashcans in my laundry room and one for the kids in their bathroom-great minds think alike! I have another (new) friend who swears by Aldi, so I think a field trip is in order soon! Do you buy everything there? meat? produce?

  5. LOVE the laundry idea... anything to help ease the task of laundry. And I love the dropcloths window treatment. We also use Lowe's dropcloths as curtains up here in St. Louis! :)