Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ask and you shall recieve!

Goodevening!  I'm going to try to keep this post fairly short... my goal is to get into bed on time tonight! 

I was surprised at how many of you asked HOW I was able to buy 2 weeks worth of groceries for $75.
Before I start keep in mind that half of our family has tiny bellies and they don't eat very much! Also, shopping at Aldi has chopped my grocery bill CONSIDERABLY.  

Here is the two week menu plan from this last grocery visit.


Pancakes with Eggs (2 meals)
Bacon and Egg McMuffins with Hashbrowns (1 meal)
Spaghetti with Meatballs (2 meals)
Sausage Spinach Loaf (2 meals)-this is homeade french bread with cheese, sausage and spinach rolled into it
Chicken Quesadillas (1 meal)
Chicken Stir fry with Egg Rolls (1 meal)
Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes (1 meal)
Mushroom Chicken with Mashed Potatoes (2 meals)
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (2 meals)
Mac n Cheese (1 meal)
Frozen Chicken Pot Pies (1 meal)
16 Dinner Meals

Let me break down the dinner situation with you.  They're not the most exciting meals these two weeks.  But the name of the game these two weeks wasn't exciting... it was frugal :)
A few of the meals I made extras of and I served them again as leftovers.  I am totally not a huge fan of leftovers... but when it comes to cutting costs I suppose I'll learn to be a fan!! ha!
Some of you mentioned that Aldi meat weirded you out.  I'll be honest I was weirded out at first too.  However, I buy their frozen chicken breasts and ground turkey and they taste just as good as anywhere else!
I made the meatloaf and mashed potatoes out of the ground turkey.  
I purchased one bag of chicken breasts.  That bag was divided between the Mushroom Chicken (I'll share this recipe soon!), Chicken Stirfry and Quesadillas.  
And I bought a large bag of potatoes that I divided for both meals that had mashed potatoes.  
We love to have breakfast for dinner over here.  I think a box of pancake mix at Aldi is around $2 and a box of eggs was .50 this past time.  So, for our family a box of pancake mix and a box of eggs equals two very filling meals for our family.  That's $1.25 per meal.  Cheap cheap cheap.  
For fruits and veggies I give myself $10 to buy everything.  At Aldi this is very doable.  I stock up on what's the cheapest and that's what we eat over a two week span.  I also buy canned green beans and corn to open up towards the end of the two weeks when the fresh veggies are gone.

I bought a couple of loaves of bread for sandwiches over the 2 weeks.  Either pb&j, tuna, egg salad or grilled cheese.  All of which are fairly cheap.  We always have some sort of fruit or applesauce with our lunch.  I also make the kids tortillas with cheese melted on them.  

A container of oatmeal costs less than $2 at Aldi.  The container usually lasts us 3 weeks!  All four of us eat oatmeal for breakfast the majority of the week.  On mornings that we don't have oatmeal I will either make muffins or a coffee cake.  

We eat ALOT of apples with peanut butter around here for snack time!  I bought a sack of apples, a box of microwave popcorn and yogurts for the kids' snacks over these two weeks.  

I hope that helps you guys a little bit!  My goal when I walk into the grocery store is to buy ONLY what is on my list.  Otherwise it's so easy to throw in extras which can quickly add up.  Before I walk into the store I go over my list one last time to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.  And yes, sometimes I'll add a candybar to the bottom of the list just so I can buy one at the register :)  then I don't feel guilty buying it because hey, it was on my list!!!! :)

If you have any more questions please ask!


This past week I took the kids up to our local pumpkin patch for a few of the traditional pictures.
There was so much going on around us that I couldn't get their attention to look at the camera :)  
Imagine that!

Sweet girl in the hay maze... she was so excited about it!!!

               He's telling her "Nooo" in this picture because she kept trying to put her arm around him :)


Hopefully this post isn't to scatter-brained and makes sense!  My brain and memory have been shot lately.  Travis and I laugh about how I am worse than an old woman.  And the sad part is I really am.  I can't remember a darn thing lately.  Don't people do cross word puzzles to help with their memory? hmm.

I hope everybody has had a restful weekend!  Have a great Monday tomorrow :)


  1. You convinced me :) I went to Aldi yesterday and spent $30 less for one week of food than I would normally spend at Walmart. Thanks for the idea! (PS: If you give me your email address I have some super cheap winter recipes that Daniel and I love that I would be happy to send your way)

  2. Great job on spending 75 for two weeks worth of meals! Impressive. I've never heard of Aldi before.

    We recently got a Fresh & Easy market where I live and it is so much cheaper than where I used to shop. I love the savings, and they don't sell a lot of fluff in the store, just what you need. Love that.

    Cute pics of your kiddos too. They are so darling!

  3. Great tips and lovely photos of your kiddos ;)
    I love your daughter's top!