Saturday, October 9, 2010

2 week catch up!

We are back home and are finally getting back into the swing of a somewhat normal schedule!
We had the BEST time visiting my side of the family and meeting our sweet new nephew/cousin Jake!
He is seriously the best baby I have ever seen.  The whole time we were around him he never let out a single cry unless it was time to eat.  I can't wait to head back up there for some more cuddle time with him!

Another perk of going up to Missouri last week is that we were able to take my youngest sister Kaitlin home with us for 2 weeks!  I'm trying to convince her to just stay and live with us too ;)  (just kidding Mom! I wouldn't do that to you! :) ) 
She has been SUCH a help to me around the house this past week.  We've been in Operation Organize the Blue Cottage around here.  Ever since re-doing the floors this summer everything has felt so helter-skelter and unorganized.  Slow but sure we're organizing every little space!  My to-do this week is to attempt to finish decorating the living room.  I had taken it all apart this summer and it has yet to be put back together!

Here are a few pics from our Missouri trip...

The three cousins

Colt's Uncle Tim had a hat from Mongolia that we tried on him.... sweetest little
Mongolian boy I've ever seen! :)

Colt and Uncle Justin

Meeting sweet Jake for the first time!!!
Emma absolutely LOVED him!  I loved watching her interact with him...
makes me excited for baby #3 to be here!

The week before we headed off on our Missouri adventure we took the kids to the zoo.  It was Emma's second time and Colt's first!  The weather was unusually chilly which made for such an enjoyable visit.  We're used to going and dying of heat strokes!

There were quite a few new exhibits this time.  One of which was a station where you could feed the giraffes.
Emma is like me in the fact that she's not to fond of touching animals.  She did humor Travis however and touched him with one finger :)



This past week we took the kids and aunties to the Texas State Fair! 
We feasted on fried cookie dough, fried pizza,corn dogs, corn on the cob, popcorn and cotton candy!
The food is definitely my favorite part of the fair!  We visited our favorite exhibits, watched a dog show and Emma rode a ride before heading home.


It feels good to finally be caught back up with blogging!
Hope everyone has been well!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. So glad you're back friend! I've missed you. Hope you're feeling good. We love the giraffe's at the zoo. :)

  2. i've missed your blog too. Glad you are back.