Thursday, September 2, 2010


I love how much this little boy adores his big sister.
He hangs on every word she says and action she does...even if it usually involves him getting injured. :)
I love that she refers to Colt as her "best friend".
And I really love the fact that they will be getting another Best Friend in March!!! :)

Yes...that is right :) Sweet Baby Number Three will be born the end of March.  We couldn't be more thrilled!  Emma and Colt are 18 months apart.  Colt and Baby will be around 21 months apart.  It's perfect :)


I have fairly easy pregnancies.  No throwing up thank heavens! I've been extremely tired and have had a tad bit of afternoon/evening nausia...but it goes away as soon as I eat.  My bet is that this sweet little one is another boy.  I will be absolutely shocked if it isn't!  I am NOT a meat eater... but with Colt I couldn't get enough meat.  It's been the same way with this pregnancy.  I can't seem to get enough steak, meatloaf, meatballs, pot roast...and did I mention STEAK?! :)  I have eaten more meat in the past 10 weeks than I have eaten in my entire lifetime.  Not an exaggeration. 

The one food group that I have avoided is any sort of breads.  I can't stand the smell of a loaf of bread, tortillas, any carbs.  Which is super bizarre to me because I am a LOVER of the carbs :)  I've been eating sandwiches made of turkey sandwiched between two lettuce leaves.  Scrumptious.

And I can't seem to get enough apples, grapefruit and orange juice!  With a side of steak of course!

I went to the dr. yesterday for a sonogram and my appt.  Baby looks healthy and has a good heartbeat.  God is SO good!!! I am so thankful for the three little blessings He has entrusted me with.

So there you have our newest and exciting news!!! :)

Off to take a bath and hop into bed.  I've slept through my alarm three times this week.  So, this morning as I was scurrying to get ready before the little girl I babysat came I told myself that I was going to be in bed BY 10pm this evening.  I have 45 minutes to soak in the tub... sounds perfect!

Goodnight everyone!  The weekend is upon us!!! Woohoo!!!


  1. YAY, Ashley! So happy for you!

  2. Congratulations! I know y'all are over the top excited!

  3. Congrats, Ashley. How fun. You are right - God is so good to bless you this way. I wonder what plans He has in store for this little one 10 - 25 - 40 years from now. So cool.

  4. Wow! How exciting! A new baby. You and your husband make such beautiful ones :) God is good! Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations!!! It must be something in the 500 in 2010 water because so many women are expecting now!!

  6. CONGRATS, Ashley and Travis (and Colt and Emma)!!! That is SO exciting!!!

  7. Wonderful news!! Congratulations!!

  8. So excited for you guys!! I've been praying for this new little one and I will continue to cover you and this baby in my prayers. So glad you got a good report at the doctor - Praise God.

    p.s. I couldn't stand to be any where near a loaf of bread when I was pregnant with Jenn so I feel for you and those carbs.

  9. yay!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. Yayy!!!! I am so happy for you!!!! You will love having 3 little ones...what a blessing!!!

  11. Congratulations Ashley! Another little blondie!!

  12. Orange Juice with a side of steak LOL! I love it! I can't wait till Baby comes!

  13. So happy for you and your beautiful family, Ashley! I still remember you telling me that you wanted 5!!! You're more that half-way there now! :)