Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day of Fall!

Happy first day of FALL!!!
Did you do anything to ring in the new season!?!
I chose to ring it in by deep cleaning our house and making some pumpkin muffins.  I can't remember the last time my house was this clean.  I just now finished up (it's 9:30pm).  Obviously it'll stay this clean for another nine hours and then be back to it's crazy state.  But for nine hours I will bask in the satisfaction that my house is spotless :) 

We had such a good day today.  The kids were in great moods all day and were pretty good about keeping each other entertained.  At one point this morning I peeked into the room they were in and found Emma reading to Colt in the sunshine.  Seeing them happy and cozy together makes me so incredibly thankful that I can be home with them!  Missing sweet moments like this would break my heart.


My current craving of the week is Spaghetti-O's!  I can not get enough of them!!! 
Normally I think they taste like rusty spaghetti... but something about that rusty tastes just hits the spot lately!
:) disgusting... I know.


Tonight was my night to teach quite a few piano lessons back to back.  After they were over I loaded the kids up to pick up some chinese from Panda Express.  I ordered crab rangoon, an egg roll and a side of mushroom chicken.  Normally when I order a meal it comes with WAY to much food that goes to waste.

Side Note: waste because I realllllyyyy don't care for leftover chinese..blech.

So, I thought if I just ordered the main side without the rice or noodles there would be plenty of food for the three of us.
We waited in line at the drive through for 15 minutes before we got our food.  I drove away and at the stop light I opened the bag to check what was in it.  Crab rangoon...check...egg roll..check... where's the side of mushroom chicken?  All I could find was an incredibly tiny box that I thought maybe a fortune cookie was in.

Nope.  That was the "side" of mushroom chicken.

Okay, is it just me or is the "side" of mushroom chicken REALLLLYYYY small?!? ha!
(i put it next to the soap for a size comparison)

Do you think it was a joke? I've never just ordered a side of anything from Panda Express before.  Are they normally THIS incredibly tiny?! And the goofy thing was $3 for three bites of chicken and mushrooms. Not even kidding.  So weird to me?  It's like there is no happy medium as far as portions go at Panda Express :) 

*I totally felt like a giant eating out of the tiny chinese box...what a crackup!*


Heading off to the tub for an evening soak before bed! 
We have our first district game tomorrow night. So excited to cheer our boys on!

Goodnight everyone! Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. You crack me up. I love reading your blog. Such a sweet picture of your two kiddos reading together.
    I just got on here to get your chicken pot pie recipe from a few days ago. I was making my grocery list and that sure sounded good.