Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Waiting...Fixed and Girls afternoon

It's 10:45pm here and I'm waiting for the call from my brother that my sweet nephew Jake has been born!!!  It should be any minute now!  I'm sad that we live so far away and I will miss smooching on his freshly born little face.  They'd better watch out though...the kids and I are going up in a week or so and I am going to love that baby to pieces! :)


In other exciting news my surger is now FIXED!  I had ran over a pin with it awhile back working on an order and it has been out of commision for about two months.  So, keep your eyes out for some new fall and winter items in the Blue Cottage Kids shop!

The store that I found to fix the surger was located on the square of a town near us. 
I had thought before hand to ask my sister to watch Colt for me so that Emma and I could spend a little time together.  And I am SO glad I did :)

Their town square had quite a few cute stores and quaint sandwich shops.
Our first stop after dropping the surger off was to the quilting store.
We ooo'd and ahhh'd over fabrics together :) She favored all the pink and flowered fabrics.  Not surprising.

Then we headed across the street to The Corner Pocket for a dish of frozen custard :)

We had such a great afternoon spending time together!  


Alrighty... last post of August... I'll be back in September with pictures of my new nephew (since I know you're all dying to see him) and some other fun happenings to chat about :)

Good night and have a great first day of September tomorrow!!!


  1. I just figured out the problem that has been keeping me from commenting...so watch out! Your kids are so cute. When are you coming back up this way? We really should try to hook up...I know I would be right on your way. I'm going to be in Texas next week.

  2. I LOVE the Corner Pocket!! Jared built the G** Powe and Lights building right by the apartments in the square. He would go to the Corner Pocket for custard EVERY day and then come home and rub it my face lol! I didn't know they had fabric at that shop, I would have gone in there while we visited him at the office. Bummer. Glad the surger is fixed!!