Friday, August 13, 2010

Popsicles and Football

Happy Friday!!!  So excited the weekend is almost here! Actually, so excited that Sunday is almost here.  Trav has all Sundays off this football season.  A little different than the previous years...I'm so thankful for the new change!

Last night a few of the coach's wives and kids went up to the practice field to pass popsicles out to the players.  We had a random thunderstorm roll through so the boys were practicing in the indoor facility.

Emma chickened out at the last minute...
I guess the big boys running towards her was a little overwhelming :)

Trav and the kids.  Please excuse the giant football I put on Trav's shirt :) just wanted to cover our towns name for anoniminity sake.

After all the boys had received their popsicles the kids enjoyed their own. 

By the end of the night both kids were FILTHY! 
Here's proof from Emma's hand...


Off to clean up the house and visit with Trav who is finally home!
Have a great weekend :)


  1. oh what fun! i must say that that practice field looks amazing! i don't blame emma for getting a bit tepid! enjoy your sundays.

    p.s. - i can imagine that the colt slurping incident was zero fun. grooosssss! you poor mama!

  2. What a great, fantastic idea to pass out popsicles to the players! We will have to do that up here in St. Louis. Thanks, Ashley, for stopping by my blog today. May God bless you as you love your husband well and embrace his calling. Enjoy your weekend :) .