Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Musings...

This Monday has been random...but good :)

Our day consisted of household chores and the library.  Nothing to special...but a good day!

Just a few random thoughts from my day (and when I say random....I mean rannnnndom)...


This morning I was jotting down on a piece of paper my list of to-do's for the week.
At one point I wasn't near my paper so I jotted the initial of what I needed to remember on my hand.

A G with a circle around it... it was a very important reminder...

So important that I can't remember what the G and the circle stood for. 
I wrote it on my hand at 10 this morning... knew it was very important that I do this... and I STILL can't remember what that important thing was.  *sigh*


This morning on our way to the library I swung through Sonic for a mid-morning snack of tater-tots.
After sharing the small thing of tater-tots with the kids I had a moment of sadness that they were all gone.
I went to throw the container in the bag and discovered there were not one, not two, but THREE tatertots in the bottom of the bag!!! It might as well have been a million dollars in the bottom of my bag :) 
And yes, I savored each one and didn't share the last three with the kids.
Oink Oink.

Please tell me what you would have done in this situation...

After the kids were in bed I made myself a huge salad for supper.  Big plate of lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers on it.  I then proceded to get the Catalina dressing out of the fridge.  I glanced at the back of the bottle to see what the expiration date was (habit...I do this with everything).  It said December 10, 2009.  I stood there for a few minutes debating if I should use another dressing.  I tasted it....tasted delicious.  I stood there and thought about it a few minutes longer.  And then I dressed my salad with the expired dressing. 

And you know was a risk worth taking... it was such a tasty salad :)

Although...I'll get back with you tomorrow on this desicion..hopefully I make it through the night ;)

___________________________________________ I said... a very random post for a very random Monday. 
So I shall leave you with very random pictures of my children :)
*Trav's sister Kate went and visited Japan a few weeks back and brought the kids these headbands*
I can't remember what they could be something terrible for all I know.. but they sure look sweet :)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. bahaha!! are we like the same person?! the only difference is that my sister-in-law went to china instead of japan! ; )

  2. HAHA! Those headbands are too cute on those babies!! I actually had a lol moment about you not sharing the tater tots with the kids...its so true though, I would have done the same thing! I reach that sad moment when I get to the bottom of my sonic drink...AND I would have dressed my salad as well :) love you friend!

  3. I definitely would have eaten the salad dressing. My kids make fun of me all the time for eating out of date stuff, not milk though. I've never gotten sick.

  4. Hi Ashley! Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower over at Back Country Drive! I'm so excited for the giveaway!
    I am a new follower. I love your header!

  5. Hi Ashley - I am a coach's wife too! I saw your comment on Heart of a Coach's Wife and thought I would stop by and say hi! No one understands being a coach's wife but a fellow coach's wife. I am a fellow believer. Where is your husband a coach? We are in Texas. Can't wait for the Friday night lights to come on next friday.

  6. Ash- I would NEVER have eaten the dressing, but that is just me. I am a freak about expired food. I'm pretty sure the G with the circle meant GIFT for Whitney=)

  7. Ashley - we live in Mesquite and my husband coachs in Kaufman. I love the name of your blog - tulips are my favorite flower

  8. Maybe you needed Grapes from the store?!?!?