Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scorching heat, Rice and Detergent

Goodevening!  Well, we survived another day of SCORCHING heat here in Texas! 
It is so hot outside your eyeballs literally sweat! You think I'm kidding. :)
One of the perks of it being so hot outside is that it is like a giant dryer...which is perfect since ours is broken!  I put out a load of sheets around noon and they were dry within 15 minutes.
Before I moved to Texas I never thought I would say this but, it is even to hot to go swimming.  Sad but true.
So we've been keeping ourselves occupied and entertained within the coolness of our home,
the library, Lowes and Target :)


Obviously if you've been reading the blog this past month you know we've been doing home improvements.  Some of those improvements being painting.  We've spent alot of time in the paint swatch aisle at Lowe's picking out "perfect" colors.  Now I'm sure that many a mother has done this.  But our last trip to Lowe's I picked up a variety of colored paint cards for Emma to practice her colors.
We have had the most fun making up games with the paint cards!


Emma's Great Nana recently gave her an old children's fork and knife set that Emma's Nana used to use as a little girl.  You would have thought that Great Nana had given her a trip to Disney World. 
She was SO excited to use her fork and knife at supper that evening :)

She's used it at EVERY meal since.  She thinks everything needs to be cut... peas, cereal, toast, rice....


Speaking of rice.  I made chicken and rice for supper this evening.
Let it be known that I am banning rice from our home until my kids turn into teenagers.
There was rice EVERWHERE after supper! And I mean EVERYWHERE!!!!
I might as well have thrown handfuls of rice around my dining room and it would've looked just the same. 
Colt thinks it's funny to throw food, so that was part of the problem. 
Emma kept trying to "cut" her rice, thus sending a stream of rice flying from the back of her knife everytime she cut.
As we were leaving the table to head to the bathtub there was a trail of rice following both kids into the bathroom.
Inside the bathtub there was at least half a cup of rice floating in the bottom of the tub.
AND there was rice stuck all throughout Emma's hair.

So... like I said. Rice is banned from our home for the next 10 years.


Now, on to the good stuff...

I am so curious as to what everybody uses for laundry detergent?!
I have tried EVERY kind of laundry detergent known to man looking for the perfect detergent.
I was wanting something that would clean our clothes thoroughly but something that would also smell fresh for quite awhile.

Here's the winner...

Our clothes have NEVER smelled more fresh and delicious!!!
The true test for me was giving Colty the smell test at the end of the day.  He passed with flying colors :)  His clothes STILL smelled like they had just been washed after playing and being a stinky little boy all day.
This stuff smells so fabulous that even Travis noticed our clothes smelling fresher.  That's definitely saying something!

So, please do tell what detergent you use and why you like it!
Also, I'd love to know what liquid fabric softener you use? Still looking for a favorite.


OH and before I forget!  I won the cutest little dress for Emma over at yesterday! So excited!
She's having a great giveaway so go and check it out!

Off to bed... Goodnight :)


  1. I wish I could say that I use a great laundry detergent, but I really don't. I have to use hypoallergenic (Purex) because my skin is too sensitive, and I still use Dreft for Macey. Derrick bought some fabric softener from Costco...

    I took a picture today of our temp. gage outside and it said 118 on our back porch.

  2. ooohh that website has super cute stuff!!!

    Tide definitely and Dreft for little bit!

  3. We use Tide as well and Downy liquid fabric softener. Sometimes I even like to use a dryer sheet as well for an extra burst of "smell good". :) Probably harsh on our clothes, but they don't last forever anyway, right?! Still use Dreft for Emerson and sometimes Ella. Man, are those some expensive purchases in themselves!

    Funny about the rice and Emma cutting it. Love her!

  4. Hi there! I love your blog and stumbled upon it on Erin's Bringing Up Burns. ;-) As far as detergent is concerned, I agree with you ~ Gain is the best! I use the Island Fresh scent and also the Island Fresh fabric softener in a Downey ball. Everyone always comments on how good our clothes smell and how soft they are. I hang a lot of our clothes and using this fabric softener really helps prevent the stiffness from air drying! ;-) There is my "homemaker" tip for the day! Now off to try those cinnamon sugar muffins! ;-) Have a great day! Amy {}

  5. I make my own. I didn't notice a scent at first, but now I do. I love it, fresh and lovely. I skip on the fabric softener (took a while to get used to this, but glad I did) and buy dryer sheets that help with scent and softness. Then the dryer sheets are used to dust when they come out of the dryer (they pick up quite a bit, it is a quick clean, and kills two birds with one stone). I am becoming a crazy eco friendly person in some areas.