Monday, August 23, 2010

Homer, Jethro and Colt

Goodevening!  Actually, over here tonight I suppose I should just say "evening". There's not a whole lot of good going on around here tonight.  I'm sitting watch in the chair over Emma and Travis who are laying on the couches.  They both have some sort of stomache bug and have been throwing up since 8.  Poor things.  Colt already had it this weekend...except I thought he threw up because he was a social piggy at a barbeque we went too.  He was passed from person to person and each time I would see him he would have a new treat in his hand.  Turns out it was the sickness bug. :(  Praying that Bekka and I don't get it and that these two would feel better by morning!


So, I have a dilemna.  And if you have any advice whatsoever I would LOVE to hear it!

Here's the deal...

Sweet Colt has maybe worn shoes 2 times in his one year old life.  Which is fine, because he used to be just a crawler.  But now that he's walking it's a whole different story. 

At church on Sunday he's been moved up to the toddler nursery because of his mad walking skills. 
Yay for that!

This is my problem... boyfriend has some FAT and thick feet.  I can not find a single shoe that will fit his feet!  Every shoe I've tried on him is too tight.  And if I go up a couple sizes to fit the fatness then they slip off because of the length.  He's in a size 6 1/2 for length and I would say an 8 for fatness. 

When I think I might have found a shoe that fits this is how I know it does NOT...

  It's pitiful.  He won't walk in anything I've tried on him.  He will just crawl around behind me boo-hooing until I take his shoes off.  Then he stands up and goes on his merry way.  :)

I'm in a bind because he NEEDS to be wearing shoes when we go games, church, etc.

He's already the only kid in the toddler class at church who doesn't wear shoes... this might possibly be him in 20 years if I don't find a shoe that fits... I wonder if the members of Barefoot Ballads need another band member...


I did buy Colt a pair of these soft leather slippers to wear to the football game.  They're comfortable and protect his feet but the only problem is they don't hold up very well to a rough walking one year old.  By the end of the evening the dogs were black and dirty as were the bottoms.  And at 12.99 per pair I don't see myself replacing them every time they get dirty. This kid  needs a pair of real shoes!

So... anybody who have kids with fat feet...what brand of shoes do you buy?!?


Off to find myself a late night snack... have a great Tuesday everyone :)

Isaiah 26:3
"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trusts in You."


  1. Oh man Ashley - I think I am going to have the same problem. My son is 10 months almost 11 months old. He will be walking very soon. And he has fat, wide feet too. He has a pair of sandals he barely fits in. He usually just wears them to church. But I need to find something soon before it gets cool at the football games.

  2. I bought Robeez for my youngest son for the same reason, yeah, the bottoms do get black but they can wipe somewhat clean but the shoe part held up fine. Crocs are wide but not always "safe", however, my 15 month old loves wearing his. I buy all of my boys shoes at Nordstrom...they have great service and have a lot of shoes that come in "wide"....I especially like the stride rite brand as they are not heavy and bulky

  3. Ash...I had two toddlers that had extremely FAT feet!! (Kayleigh and Willy) I found that Walmart carried shoes that were "wide width". I also just used socks a lot!! Jacqueline rarely keeps her shoes on and she is 3!! I love you...good luck!!

  4. Robeez worked with both of my kids who also have chubby feet. They are more expensive than the Target brand but they hold up so much better. Definitely worth the price, and they always have a few pairs on sale on their website.

  5. Preschoolians makes the equivalent of the leather shoes with a variety of soles (to accommodate crawlers, walkers, runners). If I remember correctly, I emailed them the first time I was going to purchase and they sent me a coupon code.

  6. Try Stride Rite. They have wide and extra wide. That is all Garrett could wear when he was that age. Fat feet too. New Balance also carries wide, but not extra wide. I got Garrett's last pair of shoes at the New Balance store on 30.
    Hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. Have you tried Stride Rite? Kade had fat, THICK feet and they were perfect for him.

  8. I agree, Stride Rite. Ella and Emerson both have fat feet and they can fit in their "extra wide" shoes. Expensive up front, but last a long time!

    You crack me up with the Jethro thing by the way! Hahaha!

  9. When we get home I'll bring some of Jareds shoes over, he has flintstone feet as Britanie and I call them, you can try them on Cotly bear and see if they work out. Most of them were from target I think :) Miss you guys!!

  10. My little niece was a chunk (thinning out some at the ripe age of 19 months however) but her feet are still really chunky on top. Katie buys her stride rites because they come in wides. They are a little more expensive, but she looks for the few which are on sale first (after all, they are babes and they just get dirty). She loves Robeez too and Kharis wore those out as well.