Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we go!!!

Football is officially underway at our house!
Two-a-days started this morning....we're so excited for this season!

I was looking through my pictures at which ones I should post tonight and I just realized that my kids are finally playing together! :)  I'm not sure when this happened and how I've missed it.

Emma has always loved to push Colt around in her stroller.  A few nights ago she thought he needed a bonnet and blanket as well :) 
Don't feel too sorry for him...he was having the time of his life! :)

             Besides learning how to walk this past week Colt has also learned how to climb up onto ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  His favorite spot to climb up on is Emma's bed.  They spent quite a bit of time on the bed together today.  Him in the corner playing peekaboo. And her reading books, oblivious to what he's doing :)


We spent a little time out in the kiddie pool this afternoon.  We stayed out until the popsicles were gone and the water was warm....which was really only about 20 minutes.  So ready for the Texas heat to cool down a bit!


Nighty night everyone... have a great Tuesday tomorrow!


  1. Those pictures of Colt in the stroller are so funny and cute!!!

  2. You have such beautiful kids! I love the ones of Colt in the stroller. So funny!

  3. Haha! they make me laugh. :) Love that they are playing together. Can't wait for that to happen around here. I keep telling Ella that it will be soon!!! :)

    LOVE the picture of Colt in Emma's bed where he is looking at the handsome! :)

  4. Such sweet pictures! That's great they are playing together. :)

  5. It is really cool when they start playing together. It will come and go forever. Sometimes best friends and sometimes enemies but always eventful.

  6. such cuteness! i can't wait for my two to get to the ages where they can play together!!!

  7. These pictures are too cute!!!! I have three sisters and then my brother is the youngest so we used to have so much fun dressing him up! Haha!

  8. Hi Ashley,

    Just catching up on some of my Bloggy Friends after being On The Road for the past 3 weeks. (Still on the road, but have a good internet connection tonight.)

    Looks like y'all are doing well. That Texas heat you speak of ... oh my! It is HOT here. We are CAMPING, with NO AIR CONDITIONING. Not much sleeping took place last night. (It was 106 here in Caddo Mills yesterday.)


    Laurel :)