Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random thoughts

This post will be a little random! So... hold on and get ready to read a little bit of everything :)


I almost always have an open jar of olives in my fridge for us to snack on.  Some days it's black olives... some days it's green.  It's not uncommon for Emma to ask for a snack of green olives.   I know that not everybody is as crazy about olives as we are.  So... take the little poll below to see how everybody feels about them :)

Trav and I have been working like crazy on the floors.  We stayed up until 1 last night staining them.
I chose a dark walnut color.  So far it looks beautiful!  We're going to start the polyeurethane this afternoon.  I think after it's all said and done we'll both have lost 1/2 of our brain cells.  The smell of everything is SO strong!  Side note: don't worry..the babes aren't staying there losing brain cells too...they're at their grandparents :)

We've been eating alot of Uncrustables this summer.  Yes, they're more than if you made your own sandwich.  But they taste SO much better :) PLUS no clean up.  My kind of lunch!  They're perfect to throw frozen into your beach bag on the way to the pool.  By the time lunch comes around they've dethawed and taste delish!

Super excited for an upcoming trip to San Antonio!  One of my favorite places in Texas!  If you've never been I would highly suggest it!  The Riverwalk is perfect for evening dates :)
Okay... was that random enough for ya?! :)
Hope everybody is having a great week and staying cool!


  1. Hey Ashley, where in Texas are you? I am putting together a group of women to do Warrior Dash Austin. Is that near you and do you want in? Email me (this is LauraC from 500 in 2010!)

  2. Love your random thoughts! Are you all going to Coaching School? I'm not going this year but it's always a fun little get away! Y'all have a great time!

  3. Uncrustables are AMAZING!!! : ) Just thought I would add that!!

  4. I used to bring uncrustables to work for lunch aaalllll the time! so convenient! haha