Sunday, July 25, 2010

Colty's Birthday...

Our little guy's birthday didn't go quite as planned. The plan was to have a few friends over for a small party...but since he had had a contagious virus we kept the party to just family that had already been around him.

On the morning of his birthday I thought he was feeling a tad bit better
so we loaded up to go out for a doughnut breakfast.

Emma was insistant that she take a picture hugging him...obviously he was less than thrilled :)

Much happier now that she wasn't hanging on him! :)

He got his first glass of strawberry milk for breakfast... it was a hit!

After doughnuts we headed over to Bass Pro to find him a new hat and to look around.

After Bass Pro we headed home for afternoon naps. 
These two LOVE to cuddle in Em's little bed... they'll lay there for quite awhile giggling and being silly :)

Later that evening he opened a few presents...

Ate a delicious pizza supper...

Blew out his first candle... (actually his sister did)

His birthday cake had little red cowboy boots on the sides of it.
I guess they were too heavy because they slid off the sides of the cake as you can see!

One of my favorite things about my sweet boy is whenever he sits in a chair he always crosses his ankles :)

And he finished off the evening with a horse ride :)

For some reason I didn't get a picture of my sister Bekka... but she was at the party too :)


Yay for a new week starting tomorrow!!!

This week the biggest project around the little blue cottage is giving it a fresh new coat of blue paint!!!
Over the weekend Travis and his friend Joe replaced quite a few boards and prepped the area for painting.

Tonight I've got him working on building a couple of little book ledges for the kiddos room.
I'm going to give them a coat of turquoise paint in the morning and they should be hung by tomorrow night.
Pictures to come!  He's such a good husband to put up with all of my project ideas :) Thanks Trav!

Have a great Monday everyone! :)


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Colt!! Seriously, he is so adorable!! They both are!! :)

  2. Looks like a fun 1st birthday. We gave several of our kids their own first birthday cake, too.

    Love the pic of the 2 kids cuddling in sister's bed. So sweet!

    Hope you are having a GREAT summer.


    Laurel :)