Saturday, June 19, 2010

A week!?

And yes.. another week has almost passed since the last post!
This week was FULL FULL FULL to the brim!
Our mornings were spent at VBS and my afternoons were spent teaching swimming lessons.

It was this little munchkins first year of VBS. I didn't realize until we got there on Monday 
but she was put in my class!

A full week of VBS= A full week of WONDERFUL naps!! :)

On Monday night we went out for Mexican.  Down by the restaurant there is a fountain display that Em likes to run through.  She had so much fun that Trav thought it would be a good idea to take her to the park when we got home.  He wanted to take Emma fishing and also to run through the spray park....

She had a great time fishing with Trav and running through the park's spray area until she fell and landed flat on her face.  Poor thing didn't know what hit her.  Trav said she cried for a minute and then asked if they could go home to watch Bug's Life.  He called me on their way home and told me to be prepared with a wet rag.  Poor kid's face was raw from under her nose all the way into her mouth on her gums.  Her lips were so swollen she looked like a duck :)  I'm so thankful she didn't knock any of her teeth out!

She requested that she put on two princess band-aids


We discovered this little guy LOVES Oreos!!!  The little piggie could eat them all day if I would let him :)


The next few weeks will be house fixing game time around here.  We're going to be working like crazy to get a few re-dos done on our little blue cottage before football season begins.  Our home was built in the late 1800s so we're slow but sure doing projects here and there.  Our tentative goals for the next month are to redo the original floors, de-popcorn the living room ceiling (it's out of control...somebody LOVED them some spray much they even popcorned the trim. sick.) and fix and paint the outside of the house.  And also within this month we'll be joining my mom's side of the family for a week filled with camping and celebrating my grandparent's 50th.  I can hardly wait! 

So if the blog posts become a little more infrequent you'll know why!!!  So much to do so little time! :)

Hope everybody has a great weekend!!!
Father's Day post coming...


  1. sorry for that sweetie's little fall! Such occurrences at our house aren't often, but they're never fun. And your little "piggie" is SO cute! Whadda darling! <3

  2. from what I've seen, your "little blue cottage" looks adorable! post some pics of your progress? pretty please?? :)

  3. Emma's poor boo boo :( She looks like a little doll in those pictures of her and that one by the spray park! Those babies are cute!