Sunday, June 13, 2010

Treasures and Thoughts on Bridesmaid Dresses

The weekend is almost over and for the first time in a long while I can say that this weekend did NOT fly by!  Not in a bad way though!  Travis went to the coast this weekend with his dad and friend to go fishing.  So the kids and I had the whole weekend to play and do whatever.
Something about him being gone makes the days seem SO inredibly long! And it doesn't help that for some reason the kids feel like they need to get up at 6 every morning when he's gone?!  Yesterday morning they woke up at 6...I cleaned the house...we played outside...I hung laundry on the clothes line...we ate lunch...and then I called my mother-in-law to see if she wanted to join us at the pool.  I told her we had already eaten lunch and were ready to go whenever.  She acted surprised that we had eaten lunch so I glanced at the clock and it was only 10:45.  :)
After naps yesterday I took the kids for icecream at Braums to burn a little time.  We only burned 10 minutes because they both ate their icecream in record time.  Tricia (my mother-in-law) and I were talking today about how when the Texas heat hits you can either go swimming or you need to stay inside.  Going on walks, to the park, playing outside are pretty much out of the question when the heat picks up.  That is unless you choose to die of a heat stroke.


The past two weekends I have found some fabulous treasures at garage sales!

I found this dresser last weekend for $10!  My tentative plan is to use it in either the living room to put our tv on or in the dining room as a serving piece.  I'm still not sure what color I'm going to paint it.  I'm leaning toward a pale blue or cream with distressing. 

I found this tray (not sure what it really is?) for $5 yesterday.  It's very big (over 3 ft long), heavy and well built.  The handles on either side are made out of navy rope.  My plan for it is to put it along the center of my kitchen table with perhaps some thick pillar candles in it.  Not sure yet... any ideas?

I have been wanting white dishes for over a year.  The dishes we currently have are Fiestaware that I have collected over the years.  I love them but was wanting something a little more simple and plain.  I've looked at white dish sets here and there but haven't wanted to spend the money.  I found all of these white dishes for $10 yesterday!  The best part is once I brought them home and began to wash them I discovered about half of them are Ironstone dishes!


Last but not least I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the following subject.

Do you think the bride should pay for the bridesmaids' dresses or the bridesmaids foot the bill themselves?

My younger sister has been asked to be in several weddings and I was surprised that both brides asked her to pay for her own dress and shoes.  In my opinion if you as the bride are going to ask someone to be in your wedding you should at least buy their dress for them.  I understand that can get expensive when buying dresses for quite a few girls but that's where you draw the line as to how many bridesmaids you can have.  Perhaps it wouldn't be as bad if you as the bride picked a color and had all the bridesmaids find a dress they loved and would wear again. 
You definitely don't have to be rich to buy your bridesmaid dresses.  I found mine on for $40 a piece! And we found shoes at Payless for $8 a pair! In my opinion they all looked beautiful!  So what are your thoughts on this?  I personally think it's very tacky...perhaps I'm just old-fashioned in my thinking.  Is it something that everybody is doing these days?

Here are my bridesmaids in their dresses.  We got married in October so I chose a dark chocolate brown for their dresses.

The babes are napping and Trav is finally on his way home!  I'm thinking pizza delivery is on the menu for tonight!
Hope everybody had a great weekend!!!

Psalm 118:24
 "This is the day the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it!"


  1. I've had to buy my bridesmaid dress and shoes and pay for my hair appointment (also required by the brides) for all 4 of the weddings I've been in. On average, I spent about $300 for each wedding on wedding party requirements. Gifts for the bridal shower and wedding were additional costs. I also had to pay for my airfare, hotel, rental car, etc. for the out of town wedding I was in.

  2. Those are some AMAZING garage sale finds! I'm so jealous! I've never found anything that good.

    Their dresses, AND yours are beautiful! It would be fun to see more wedding photos. :)

    About bridesmaid dresses: I've been in 3 weddings and have paid for my own stuff in 2 out of the 3. And in the one where I didn't, they did it as a gift. In other words, it was very generous and appreciated, but not expected. But.. in the other 2, where I did pay for my own dress/shoes, they were considerate about it. The dresses were a reasonable price, I wasn't required to pay big bucks for hair + makeup, and I certainly wasn't asked to pay for any excessive travel expenses! So all in all, I didn't think much of it and didn't mind at all.

  3. Ummm... Can I come garage sale shopping with you!? I need some good finds, but am so scared to hit the streets (or perhaps it is the fact I haven't been home for a Saturday yet). JEALOUS!

    In regards to bridesmaid dresses... I can only speak for myself. I have six and a majority of them are coming in from out of town, so I felt it wise to purchase the dresses for them. I would have done this regardless, but this adds to the drive to do so. I looked at some bridesmaid dresses and they are SO stinking expensive, and most of them would hang in a closet after being worn for 6 hours tops. So, I hit the web and ended up finding mine for $35 each =) I know that some brides prefer the fancy dresses, but I wasn't overly pickey about anything and just looked until I found something.
    It seems to be the current trend to have the bridesmaids pay, but I guess I am old fashioned like you in that sense. I want the day to be a stressless, enjoyable experience and feel this is one way in doing so.

  4. Awesome finds!

    I have always paid for the bridesmaids dresses. I think it is considerate of the brides to choose inexpensive dresses but not all do. I have knows of plenty of brides who have chosen dresses that are $150 and up. I think mine were pretty inexpensive in comparison to otehrs but we had them made.

  5. So I love all of your garage sale finds! That tray thingamajigger is amazing! When I read your idea of how you were going to use it-I nodded in excited agreement! I think that would be awesome!

    On the dress note, I've had to pay for all of my bridesmaids dresses and shoes...I guess I've just considered that the norm because that's all I've ever known. My bridesmaids paid for their dresses and we got the jewelry for them. But I do think you should be aware of the price when asking!

    I love your blog and your children are adorable! Consider me your newest follower:-)


  6. Um...your wedding looks amazing! love your dress. I just wore chocolate brown in my sisters wedding!

    I've been in 5 weddings and have always paid for my dresses, shoes, hair & makeup appts. I never thought of it as out of the ordinary. But once the dress alone was $600 and I thought that was CRAZY! The dresses my bridesmaids wore were handmade and I paid the deposit on each dress ($100) they paid the balance when they picked it up (another $100)

    LOVE your garage sale finds...funny cause I was just thinking of doing a similar "look what I found" post! Got some awesome vintage door handles and TONS of wool felt this weekend!

  7. Fun garage sale finds! I need to start garage sale-ing to find some furniture and accessories for our new house!

    On bridesmaids dresses-I've had to pay for my own, but for our wedding I (really my parents) paid for my girls' dresses. I hated for them to have to worry about buying a dress since we were all in college/just out of college. I had my dresses made and then the girls wore any black shoes they wanted. We also paid for their hotel rooms and anything else they might be out for the wedding.

    I love your dress-its gorgeous! I want to see more wedding pics someday!

  8. Great garage sale finds : )

    I've always heard that the bridesmaid pays for the dress and that it is considered her gift to the bride. Not sure if this is still true?!

  9. I am totally with you on the bridesmaid dresses! I do not think that you should ask someone to be in your wedding and not pay for the expenses associated with it. I have been in five weddings, and I have never paid for my dress or shoes. I guess all of those brides agree with us. I think what makes me really mad is when a bride spends a lot of money on other details of the wedding but doesn't pick up the expense of the dresses. However, if a bride really can't afford to pay for them then she needs to go with something affordable. Love reading your blog, Ashley! I really like the garage sale finds, too. I would use the white tray for a table centerpiece (like you said) or think about hanging it on the wall horizontally and displaying some other cute finds in it! You will have to show us the finished product!

  10. I love the finds! There were a million garage sales going on last weekend and I didn't get to one of them. I am looking for a dresser like that to use in my dinning room too.

    I agree-when Jeff is out of town the days drag on! That's why we are in TX now :) We'll have to get together soon!

    And bridesmaids dresses...I have always bought my own, but we were all in each others weddings so it worked out for all of us :)

  11. Love the garage sale finds. Would definitely use the tray on my dining table.

    I am so curious to hear what everyone says about the bridesmaids dresses. 28 years ago ... I paid for all of my bridesmaid dresses to be made. I also bought them matching shoes.

    One of my sons was in a wedding this year that cost him over $750 for travel and lodging expenses (I didn't even ask who paid for the tux).

    I have 6 daughters who will need to pay for the majority of their wedding expenses themselves. I agree that they should pay some of the bridesmaids costs, and be very considerate when choosing a dress. Maybe split the cost? Also ... that is a GOOD point, if you can't afford the bridesmaids dresses, maybe you don't need so many bridesmaids.

    We are probably going to have 4 weddings in the next 2 years (2 sons and 2 daughters). Oh my! This wedding expenses stuff is going to make me crazy, I think.

    Let us know when you get that dresser all fixed up. Can't wait to see it.

    Laurel :)

  12. Ok, I know you posted this months ago but I JUST found your blog and I LOVE it!! :) At my wedding my parents paid for half of the bridesmaid dresses and asked the girls to pay the other half. I was in one wedding where the mom paid for all of our dresses but then was SUPER rude about it. Like, when I thanked her for my dress she told me I should be giving her a written thank you note, not verbal! Well EXCUSE ME! haha and I had a friend who made us buy our own dresses and they were not cute and $130 and she got HER wedding dress at the $99 gown sale. Awesome. Weddings are stressful :) But I love my friends so I guess I really didn't mind. I'm going to start blogging in November...your adorable blog has inspired me!!

  13. Love the dresser!! Can't wait to see what you do with it:). A great find!

  14. Oh my gosh if we lived close to each other we'd have the best time going garage sale-ing and thrifting! Its how I live, dress us and furnish our home. And no one would ever know!
    I love the box(old dynamite crate without the lid?) and would totally use it as the centerpiece on my dining room table filled with pillar candles.
    As far as the dresses go, Ive never known of a bride to pay for the dresses for everyone. here in our area, its standard for the girls to buy their own attire. I think its very sweet that you provided for yours! A true act of friendship.
    Im loving your blog and sad I have to leave it to head to a birthday party:) Have a great day!

  15. P.S. Ive seen dressers like that all over blogland! Some of my favorite furniture re-do blogs are Better After and the Frosted Gardener. And The Nester has a dresser very similar to that in her living room. Check it out if you havent already!