Friday, June 25, 2010

Foil and Pictures

Alright.... so I am ALL about people sharing handy tips that might make my life a little easier. So... it's my turn to share two handy tips with you! 
The first little tip that I must share with you is in regards to aluminum foil and plastic/saran wrap.
Now, until about a year ago I would fight with the foil/plastic wrap as I was pulling it out of the box.  The whole roll would come out as I was pulling and it was just a mess.
UNTIL my mother-in-law Tricia told me about the handy little push-in tab on the sides of the box.  Simply push it in and it holds the roll in place.  HELLO.... how did I not know about this?!  Have you known about this handy feature?


Second tip of the day is in regards to the size of the pictures you post on your blog.
(Stephanie...this one is for you)

Now... if you use Blogger and your pictures are teeny tiny and you don't know how to enlarge them...
then worry no more!!!  It's not me.  Here's what you do.

Log into your blog.
Once you are logged in click on Settings.
Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen.
Under Global Settings click on Updated Editor (chances are you are stuck in old editor like I was)
Then click Save Settings.

And VOILA! That's it! So now when you upload pictures to your post it gives you the option of enlarging your pictures. So...say goodbye to the tiny itty bitty pictures that y'all have been posting.  Drives me crazy when I can't be nosey and see what's in the background of your pictures :)


Okay people...if you have any random tips for me please do share! I would love to hear!


  1. Great tips!!! Thanks! Just changed my settings...I still had the old one on. Oh and we miss you guys already!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I always wanted my pictures bigger but never knew how to do it.

  3. I just learned the foil tip about a year ago and I'm that means i went most of my life wrestling with foil and plastic wrap.

  4. Okay You crack me up Ashley! What's even funnier is last year my dad tried to show me the foil thing because he had just learned about it,too, but somehow I have always known about that little tab!! I guess I'm just a genius :) Love you and the fam!

  5. P.S. Zach and Paula got engaged last night!! I'm sure yall heard but there ya go!

  6. Thanks, Ashley!

  7. Okay...I have never heard that about plastic wrap/foil. Will have to use that tip soon! :D

  8. How have I not known about the foil/plastic wrap thing?!!?!?! THANK you for sharing that!