Monday, June 7, 2010

Five Days and Lunch Time Faves

I didn't realize that it had been five days since I had last updated until I checked just a minute ago.
It seems that since summer has officially started I've become alot more busy?! A good busy though!
We've been spending every day at either the swimming pool we're members at or in our fancy kiddy swimming pool in the back yard ;) 
Travis rigged up a fancy slide to go in our fancy kiddy swimming pool. :)

Emma really gets to flying down the slide.  I tried to take a picture of her coming down but every one that I had was a big blur.  It's a hoot to watch her!

I don't know about anybody else but I LOVE summer time lunches!  A sandwich, chips and a cold drink always taste like such a feast after you've been swimming!
I just discovered these chips the last time I was at the store.
They are SO delicious!!!! They have quite a few other flavors as well.  I want to try the Jalapeno next!

I've also started buying this cheese...

If you've never tried Muenster cheese you MUST.  It is my favorite!  It tastes delish on a turkey sandwich with mayo! 
Emma's favorite cheese is Muenster cheese as well.  Every time she has it to eat she sings in a low voice...puts her arms out in front of her like Frankenstein... and sings "Monster cheese" It's hilarious :)


What are some of your favorites for summer lunches?

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacay!


  1. I love summer lunches also!
    My favorite sandwich in the summer is a grilled cheese & tomato on sourdough. And, I love Salsa Sun Chips to go with it!
    I have never had muenster cheese before, I will have to try it...but I won't be trying it on a sandwich with mayo...mayo makes me gag! *shudder*

  2. Recently discovered your blog and thought I'd comment. You and your family are cuter than words! And honestly, I'd been eying those salt and pepper chips but was too scared to take the plunge. I will be buying them on my next grocery visit, ha.

  3. Add a dill pickle and some watermelon and you have the PERFECT summer lunch!!
    (I just bought a bag of the chips at the store... they look delish)
    love you~! mom

  4. The jalapeno chips are wonderful : ) Loving your summer time pics!

  5. Those chips are THE BEST! I served them at a baby shower as part of the "cravings" appetizers and went thru 4 bags!!

    Our Summer starts in 2 weeks...I cant wait! Don't worry about "neglecting" the blog. We'll still be here when ever you post! Enjoy your kiddos, the sun, and Lunch times together!

  6. i make that same sandwich at least 3 times a week! BUT you HAVE to mix some paprika into your gives it a little extra flavor and is so yummy! feels gourmet :)

  7. i can't get over how stinkin' cute that bathing suit is!! i can't wait til my little girl is old enough to wear sweet little stuff like that!

    thanks for joining in the giveaway fun on my little blog. hope you are having a happy day!