Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Recap

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Hard to believe the weekend is almost here again!

I don't know about where everybody lives but it is HOT HOT HOT here in Texas.
We've been staying inside for the most part trying to keep cool the past couple of days!  Although it's sweltering outside this is one of my favorite times of the year around the little blue cottage.  The reason being is around the perimeter of our yard are eight gigantic, hot-pink, crepe myrtle trees that bloom right around now!  The blooms are just beginning to open up...when they're in full bloom I'll take a picture for y'all to see!


We spent Father's Day evening with Trav's parents and grandmother.  His dad is a phenomonal cook/griller and he made us the most delicious dinner!  Grilled tuna, blackened hybrid, a Greek salad and garlic butter bread.  He seriously could open a restaurant it is THAT good!

This picture was taken before church on Sunday morning.

                                                        Opening Father's Day gifts...

And while the gifts were being opened this little girl was busy helping herself to a piece of chocolate :)

Sweet Colty helping Trav and Pop grill the fish


Off to fold my never-ending pile of laundry!

Stay tuned for the next post... it will have a few handy tips in it...


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  1. I bet the crepe myrtles are so gorgeous! We have a few around our house too. Your little guy in that hat is sooo cute!